Monday, July 26, 2010

Fabric Basket With Grommets

I know. It has been a month since my last post. I can't say that there's any particular reason for that . . . just haven't been here to post. I could say I've been out there, busy, living life. But there really hasn't been all that much new and exciting going on around here. It seems like a lot of the same thing. Maybe I haven't posted this past month because life seems so homogenized for me right now. One day is very much like the next.

So, got to shake it up a bit and find something a bit more exciting to do! I'm working on it . . .

I will mention that we had the opportunity to visit with our son and his wife early last week. Samantha came over to sew with me - a first! And Josh accompanied her. He visited with his dad, upstairs watching tv for part of the time, then came down to the basement to see what we were up to in my Sewing Studio.

Sam and I made up a pattern we used from a photo of this little container I saw on-line last year. I requested permission to post my instructions on my own version of this project from Sue over at PerpetualPlum's Weblog. I'll post my FREE instructions when I hear back from her that she doesn't mind. Meanwhile, if you like this idea you can go visit her and jump ahead with making up your own version.

Here's another view without the stuff inside. I'll post more a bit later on.

I spent time this past weekend photographing all the different quilt projects I've been working on. All the UN-finished quilt projects. I need to have a FIU (Finish It Up) month here for August. I want to wrap up all these projects and be ready to start in on some new fall projects in September. So that is my goal from now through August 31st. I photoshopped, cropped and color corrected the FIU photos and will post them here to my blog later today or tomorrow. Got to run for now . . . Ciao!

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