Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Busy Bees Buzzing in the Basil

Say that three times, fast!
I went out to take a look at the garden this afternoon. There were lots of these small creatures in the garden. Yep, the bees were out enforce, busy working away, doing what they do. I had thought about getting outside to pull up most of the basil that spread like crazy all over in the back. However, I did not make time earlier in the summer to get out there to do so. Thus, it is quite overgrown with basil. The bees love this stuff. They always have every year.

So, there is a lot of basil out back. That means there are a lot of bees out there right now. It seems to be the more prolific plants growing this year. Here is a narrow view of these flowers. Sometimes I wish I had a video camera. I would take some footage of the garden and the bees to really show what it looks like. These still shots don't show the full scope of the beauty of the flowers and the number of bees present. It's hard to see them all in a still shot. With the addition of movement they become more easily visible. They are buzzing and flying throughout this whole area. It is fun to watch all this activity. The garden is so alive with movement. Can you see the bees here?

How about now? I photoshopped a circle around the three bees I could pick out in this shot. This is just a very small view. If you saw this area in person you would be just as fascinated with it as I am. The photo shows just the larger bees. There are several breeds, much smaller than these, as well. Such a variety of things to observe.

It's a tomato jungle out there!
We planted lots of tomatoes this year. I picked up a few plants at the local garden center. I also planted the extras that my son and his wife didn't fit into their garden. Here is an image of several plants packed together in my raised bed 'Square Foot' garden plot. I followed the instructions about planting one tomato into each 12"x12" square area. The amount of growth on these plants makes them seem really tightly packed together. I'm not sure how we'll possibly see into and reach into these tightly knit plants to find all the fruit as it comes ripe. Even up close I can barely see through the leaves. Hopefully the red color of the tomatoes will make harvesting easier. They're still green so the tomatoes blend so well with the leaves.

The ones you see here are vines that were left to sprawl along the ground. I ran out of tomato cages and didn't want to invest in any new ones. It isn't likely we would plant this many next year. These tomatoes are doing very well. Lots and lots of beautiful green fruits. I am really looking forward to some ripe red tomatoes. We absolutely love eating tomatoes.

I need to take a look on-line to see if I can freeze tomatoes or tomato sauce. If I remember correctly, I believe I read tomatoes need to be canned under pressure. My pressure cooker isn't that large so it would take forever to do this many plants. I need to do a bit of research into preserving them. If I can do hot water bath canning I could probably manage that. Freezing the sauce might just be faster, if that would be a viable choice.

My other flowers are doing well out on the patio. I saw today I need to get out there and do more dead-heading. Here's a look at the ones in the larger of my two chicken planters.

Okay, off to take a look on-line at tomato preserving techniques. Hope your summer is going along as well as mine.

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