Thursday, May 13, 2010

Quilting and Friends

Hello again! Yep, it has been awhile since I last posted anything here to my blog. I have received a challenge from my sewing friend, Deb, to get one of my quilts mounted onto my quilting frame this weekend. So there you see the frame, behind me. As you can see I need to clear off some 'junk' that seems to have accumulated on it. Why is that? Why has so much 'stuff' accumulated on and around my frame? Well . . . because I haven't put it to use yet.

I used to sew with this machine A LOT when I had it set up on a table by itself. It is my Pfaff Grand Quilter that stitches 1200 stitches per minute. I can remember a time I was afraid to sew with it that fast. I had to turn the speed control knob to the lowest setting in order to sew. Since it is a semi-industrial machine it can go pretty fast compared to home sewing machines. Later, after using it for awhile, I got used to sewing with it at full speed. Man! I could sure zip through my sewing then!

However, since I set up my quilt frame upstairs (moved it up from the basement) and mounted this machine on the frame, I have yet to use it. Ahem . . . tsk, tsk. My sewing friend and I were talking about that a few days ago - thus the challenge. I'll have to let you know how I fare on it in my next post.

Today I ran into another sewing/quilting friend at Barnes & Noble. It was fun to sit and visit over an ice cold, frosty mocha frappacino. We hadn't seen each other for some time. And earlier this week I had the opportunity to stop in and say 'hi' to some other long time friends at a local quilting store. How great is that?! It's always fun to visit with these gals. I feel like we should do it more often. Sometime I tend to become a bit of a recluse. Guess I need (and want) to get out more.

For now though, I'm headed back to my sewing machine. I'm in the middle of a spiderweb strip quilt. This quilt is helping me to use up some of my pile of strip scraps. I originally saw the idea via Tallgrass Prairie Studio and her reference to this page at the Quiltville site. I am not doing the selvage method as I always just throw those away. I have plenty of leftover strips and scraps, I don't need to start saving selvages, too! I love scrappy quilts, but I have accumulated so much in the way of scraps I sometimes wonder when or if I'll ever get caught up with using them all up. But, the mission to quilt my scraps goes on -- ha, ha!

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