Sunday, April 4, 2010

Scrapbooking with Samantha

Original drawing of proposed floorplan for the scrapbook room.It has been a while since we started this project. My hubby and I helped to get our son's new wife, Samantha, set up with her own scrapbooking room. It is a case where we all pitched in to help get it put together for her. This included contributing excess furnishings from our house, helping to acquire some supplies purchased from a local hardware store, drilling holes and hanging storage shelves on the walls, re-purposing furniture, using items she already had on hand, etc. This is the layout I drew as the proposal for arranging the room. It isn't quite finished as I still have some curtains to sew as well as re-cover an ottoman with new fabric she selected. Yep, I'm a slow-poke about getting that done. But Samantha is already working on pages for a scrapbook. So the room has already been put to good use. She says she loves her new room. I know she will enjoy it even more when I get it in gear and finish up with some sewing for her.

First time I went to try out Samantha's new scrapbook room.Samantha invited me over to do some scrapbooking with her one day. These are a few photos my son took of us that day. It was fun. I haven't been doing much with scrapbooking so this was a great opportunity to indulge in the hobby. I toted over several bags of stuff, but being the slow-poke that I am I only got one page 'mostly' done. Ha, ha! Of course I had to show that one page off when I got home, and to my sewing friend when we saw each other on the next sewing day! I just know there has to be some tricks of the trade to learn to be more of a speedy scrapper. I'll let you know what some of them are just as soon as I figure that one out myself! Ha, ha . . . it might be not spending so much time looking at the scrapbooking magazine as I am in this and the next photos. :)

Lots of room for Samantha to spread out her scrapbook pages.You can see Samantha has lots of room to spread out her papers and all the embellishments when she scraps. We modified a table (the old ear piercing table that was being thrown out long ago when I managed a Claire's store - it has a nice big drawer with dividers to hold all kinds of embellishments) and an old TV stand to make one extra-large table to work upon. She and her husband sanded and painted it. Then she covered it with clear plastic so paint, glue and other spills could be easily wiped up.

Josh and Samantha made the paper storage unit.In the far corner is Samantha's paper storage unit. She and her hubby made this using a set of wire grids, plastic tie straps and wood from the hardware store. Next time I go there I'll see about taking a better close up of it. If I had more room here at home where I scrapbook, I would make one to use myself. It's a pretty nifty unit with lots of 12"x12" paper storage while using only a little floor space.

One fun thing to share: Samantha has started her own blog. You can access it here to see more of her scrapbooking adventures.

And aren't the pink tulips fabulous!?! Oh, so glad it's spring!

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  1. Thank you for doing this post! I have yet to put pictures up on my own blog because that would mean I would actually have to clean my room instead of just moving piles around!


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