Monday, April 12, 2010

On My Desk - Yucky

Here's what is on my desk today: Iced tea, hot tea, over-the-counter sinus medication and a box of Kleenex tissues. Have you guessed how I'm feeling? Yucky! I went to the doctor on Friday and got on an antibiotic. I've been sleeping and resting alot in an effort to get over this illness.

One may wonder about both the hot and cold drinks . . . depends upon the moment. There are times hot feels better on my throat and times cold feels better to cool me down when I'm overheated. Half the time that cup of hot tea cools down quite a bit before I get a chance to drink much of it. Then it just becomes iced tea anyway. I usually have an iced drink with me when I'm at home. It's usually tea or water, sometimes fruit juice.

Okay, since I've been sick lately I haven't done much in the way of sewing or anything. Dear hubby says I should just stay in bed and get more rest. I told him the other day it doesn't take that much energy to push buttons on a computer. So I've been playing some on-line facebook games and checking out blogs here and there. It's a bit overcast, breezy and rainy today. At least I'm not missing one of those fabulous sunny days today.

I am also interested in working more on my websites. I have been pitifully slow to update them. But that is a big 'To Do' on my list. I want to devote some time to that the next few days. So, not too much to report around here . . . just wanted to drop in and say 'Hi' and let you know I'll return to posting better stuff soon.

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