Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Projects On My Cutting Table

This week's sewing projects: A Turnover Quilt and a Table TopperEver thankful for God's healing . . . I am back to work on sewing projects again. I had the opportunity to sew with a friend the other day. The picture shows a couple of the current projects that I am working on.

The strips you see on the left are made of leftovers from those Leaf Quilt blocks. I cut enough strips to make three or four of what I'm calling the leaf quilts. There is actually only the one quilt that has those embroidered leaves. Another one has more simple embroidery, and the rest don't have any embroidery on them. The blocks for all the quilts are completed. They are just sitting here waiting to be sewn into quilt tops now. I figured these extra leftover strips would make a nice size Table Topper. My friend suggested that I do some applique sunflowers on it. The colors certainly lend themselves well to that suggestion. I need to either draw up some sunflower shapes to create my own applique, locate a pattern in one of my many quilting books or magazines (or on-line), or check through my many machine embroidery designs to see if I have something that would be appropriate.

After getting the strips sewn into these three long pieces I also thought it would work well to cut some fabric as inserts between the three pieced sections. The fabric inserts could have some machine embroidery on that portion of the table runner. I still need to look through my stuff to find an appropriate embroidery for that. So I am placing the decision on hold for the moment until I make time to go on my search for sunflower designs or patterns. I'll post images as this project progresses.

The other blocks on the right side of this photo show the start on my Pink and Brown Turnover Quilt. I purchased a turnover package at a local quilt shop. Turnovers are pre-cut fabric triangles. They are cut from a 6" square that is then cut in half on the diagonal. The package contained two each of forty different fabric triangles. The predominant colors are browns, pinks, reds and tans. When I got them home I decided to cut some of my own fabric to go with them. I found some dark brown and tan prints from my stash that I cut into 6" squares. I then further cut the squares in half to form my own turnovers. These triangles were randomly sewn together with the fabrics from the purchased turnover package.

The next step is to clip off the 'dog ears' that result from sewing them together. What you see is a square made from two different fabric triangles. I'll lay the blocks out to arrange the colors in a random, but pleasing pattern, then sew the blocks together. Afterwards, I plan to add some extra borders to make the quilt a bit larger. It should end up being a good lap-sized quilt for watching TV.


  1. Looks as though you are making progress. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  2. Hello! Yes, I'm making progress with the sewing projects as well as working on my websites. If it's not the one, it's the other. Aahhh, life is great!


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