Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Memories On The Shelf

Memories . . . of high school, yearbooks, long ago friends I haven't seen in a long time.I was on Facebook this evening and happened to hear from someone I knew way back in highschool. There have been a few recently who I've 'met' again on-line. When I saw the message from this particular Facebook query I had to go grab my old highschool yearbook to help me remember her from the name. Once I saw the old school picture I could see the resemblance to her Facebook image and I remembered right off having known her.

Isn't that fun to run across someone you haven't seen for (many, many) years and have all kinds of old memories re-materialize in your brain? I took a little time to flip through that old yearbook . . . to reminisce just a tiny bit. Boy does time fly! So long ago . . .

The painted doll on the shelf with my old yearbooks is one I made many years ago, too. Back then, when the kids were young, I sewed and painted these cloth dolls to sell at craft shows. It was my part-time, side job, that I did after coming home from my full-time job. Ha, ha . . . that was back when I had so much more energy! I've mellowed a bit since then. Still enjoy sewing and painting after all these years. Need to dip my brushes a bit more often, though. It has been awhile since I painted anything.

Today I worked on one of my websites for most of the late morning and afternoon. I accomplished some good work, but haven't uploaded the pages yet. I still need to tweak them some more. I spent some frustrating time yesterday and a while today trying to work out some glitches with my Photoshop Elements 6 program. I was attempting to input text blocks into a layer on some photographs but the program was glitching up on me. It would not accept the commands like it was supposed to do.

I resorted to un-installing, re-booting then re-installing the program. Still couldn't get it to work right. I sent an inquiry to Adobe to get a service response on it. Spent an hour or so looking on-line at other's requests for assistance on the same issue at various sites. All the suggestions offered were things I had already tried. No luck there, so I put it off till today.

Mid-morning my response back from Adobe was basically that it was an out of service program and the service person suggested that I update to the newer version. Uuugghhh! That doesn't help me. At this time I don't have any interest in updating. The program worked just fine a few days ago! What the h . . . ?

I re-booted my computer again today after my anti-virus program quit running - telling me I had 51 minor tracking cookies that it would delete for me. Maybe something there was interfering?? After I re-booted, it worked just fine . . . then it quit so I re-booted again. Then it worked again, well enough for me to get the projects done that I was working on. Aaauuuugggghhh! Technology. Got to love it when you want to hate it!!!

I wanted to work on making some badges for my websites. This is one of them that I came up with. I'm not sure what I think of it yet. Something about the balance of the piece just doesn't sit quite right to me. Not sure if I'll use it for long since it is an older doll anyway, and not a recent one. I should put this doll up for sale on-line.

She's got kind of a funny story. I made her and sold her once upon a time during a craft show years ago. A fellow came by my booth and said his wife also made dolls. He wanted to buy it for her since he thought she would like it. Later on I went to attend a doll class at a local sewing store. I thought it would be fun to get together with others to make dolls since I mostly just did that on my own. Thought it would be fun to meet some other dollmakers.

The gal who was teaching the class was the gal whose husband came to my booth several years prior. This gal, Cathe, a talented artist herself, convinced me I should go talk to the store owners. She and the others working in the store thought I should be working there. That's how I got my job at J&R Vacuum and Sewing. A few years later Cathe was down-sizing stuff in their house. That's when this doll came back to live with me again. Way back when I painted those dolls I had originally kept just one of the many dolls I painted for myself. So now I've got two. Perhaps it's time to release her back out into the universe again. I'll put her up on my Etsy shop, or E-bay, later this week.

Here is further evidence that my Photoshop program is working correctly - for the moment anyway - ha, ha. This image is going up on my Vintage Trailer blog. You'll have to go there for more info on it. Look for it after tomorrow. It's getting late and time for bed. Nearly midnight . . .

One more thing to add: If you want to place my badge on your blog or website, copy and paste this via your dashboard/layout.

Sew Artfully Minded (dot) com

[ a href="http://sewartfullyminded.com/" target="_blank" ] [img src="http://www.sewartfullyminded.com/images/hpdtbadge-125.jpg" alt="Sew Artfully Minded (dot) com" width="125" height="125" / ]

Okay, I had to change the <> brackets to [] brackets in the code above. Got to figure out how other designers showcase the code as a copy and paste feature without it just showing the image. Come on some of you knowledgeable code wizards, tell me secret. Otherwise I need to go hunting for more information tomorrow. This is going to bug me till I find out now. Curious minds want to know!

Please, leave me a comment to let me know.

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