Monday, March 15, 2010

We're All Looking for Sunshine

Leaning, leaning . . . way over . . . looking for sunshine.This is the perfect illustration of how we are all feeling here in the great northern plains of the United States. We're all LEANING out the windows looking for some sunshine. Yep, another day of cloudy weather. Not that I'm really complaining - LOL! I hate to complain about the weather since it doesn't do any good to change it and it just seems to make me and everyone else around grumpy. I am just so anxious to open the windows in the morning and see sunshine and spring coming to our area. It has warmed up enough to start to feel like the beginnings of spring. I AM THANKFUL that those really cold, deep-freeze temperatures are no longer with us. And the snow is melting some. We are experiencing those late winter, very early spring, dirty scenery days. You know those days where so much road dirt and sand is on top of the snow. Where the sap and accumulated dirt from the trees has run down the sides of the trees and shows up as a dirty yellow ochre run-off onto the surrounding snow. Where there is a crust of ice on everything from the faint bit of rain mixed with misty fog. It's an interesting time of year. And yes, I'm watching around town as I drive for the first brave flowers and grass that might dare to pop their little heads out from below their wintry blankets of snow.

Every morning I get a chuckle at the expense of my lovely yellow daffodils. They are a curious lot. You see, when I go to bed at night they are positioned so the blossoms are somewhat facing out toward me and the room. Then every morning when I get up to let the dogs outside they are leaning over facing the window. (Smile, chuckle, chuckle) He-he, they remind me of that plant in the movie "Little Shop of Horrors". They certainly do a lot of moving around! If they could scoot that pot over closer to the window I bet they would. I'm surprised I don't see it tipped right over, as much as they lean! I don't blame them though. I lean over as I open the blinds every morning and look to see what it is like out there as well. I am one of those people who talks to my plants. I am sure they are saying they want to go outside and get more sun.

Well yesterday slipped by without me coming on-line to update you on my photos from last weekend. I'll have to get to that real soon. Maybe later tonight. I've got some great dog photos and info about us dog-sitting our grand-dog when J and S were gone for the weekend. More later, got to get ready to GO SEW!

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