Monday, March 29, 2010

Quit Your Day Job

It was the title that drew me to the article. I was flipping through blogs and facebook for awhile tonight and came across this Etsy article about LoopyBoopy and her story of becoming a successful artist and entrepreneur. Colleen certainly has her own unique spin on her little art dolls. A bit on the creepy (sad) side for me, but they certainly are engaging to look at. I usually go for a more upbeat and cheerful countenance on my dolls. It is good to read a story of how others have found a way to overcome their hardships in life. It seems everybody has something that happens to them which puts them in a challenging position at one point or another.

I didn't know it till now, but there are other 'Quit Your Day Job' posts to read as well on Etsy. I'll have to take some time now and then to look around over there. It has been awhile since I have posted anything on Etsy myself. I've been thinking I need to get some things on-line soon. Time seems to just keep on whizzing past.

Today I went to sew at my totebag class again for part two of a two-part class. It is always fun to get together with others to sew. I didn't get my bag done yet. I plan on doing more work on it tomorrow. Hope to wind that up later this week. A photo of it will be forthcoming.

I spent quite a bit of time working on my websites this past week. Now that is something that seems to take a lot longer than I think it will. I know; I'm slow. I've got some ideas and am working on lists of things I want to get accomplished for my site in the near future. I spent quite a bit of time photoshopping some photos. I will be adding some tutorials and some sewing project freebies soon. I still need to write up some of the copy, proof-read it all then will upload it as a PDF copy ready to be downloaded and printed. Yes, it all seems to take so much time.

It turned out to be a wonderful day here on the Great Northern Plains! Last I heard on the radio late this afternoon was that it got up to 69 degrees today. Yahoo! What a wonderful temperature for late March in North Dakota! And yet I was too busy to get outside much to enjoy it. Tomorrow is supposed to be equally as nice! I will definitely take advantage of that and get out for a much needed walk.

SparkySparky is definitely ready to be outdoors. Today I positioned the screen door to stay opened out to the backyard so the dogs could freely go in and out at will. Sparky spent nearly the entire afternoon outside laying on the sidewalk in the bright, warm sunshine. He was probably thinking, "Aaah, freedom!" He was very pleased with himself.

SugarSugar can sometimes be a bit exacerbating when she often and repeatedly "yells" about wanting out. She is our most vocal dog and it is often several notches higher on a noise scale than when the kids were little. She was content to go in and out since the door was propped open. What did she end up doing most of the afternoon? She slept in her kennel keeping a watchful one-eye-peeked-open glance at me while I washed the dishes after lunch. Nearly fell asleep there several times while I was busy. When I was done with that task and moved on to working on the computer she would sneak around the house to peak at me and what I was doing, then scurry away like she was 'caught' when I checked to see what she was up to. She went in and out several times, but regardless of the beautiful weather - she stayed indoors - for much of the day and occupied herself by stealthily spying on me.

GingerGinger spent half the day outside laying in the sun, and half the day laying on the livingroom carpet in the sun from the front window. Definitely a lazy dog day around here today.

We went walking with the dogs a couple days ago, around the neighborhood. I had to end up carrying Sugar most of the way. She is getting too old (15 years) to keep up. I purposefully walked an extremely slow pace because of her. But when she kept stumbling and tripping, then took a tumble and actually rolled over on the sidewalk, I knew she wouldn't make it further. She seemed a bit confused that I was carrying her. It almost seemed like she would rather walk, but then she calmed down a bit and relaxed as we walked along. The last half block home I put her down again and she seemed to enjoy being back on her own for our slow walk back to the house.

Yesterday we took Ginger out around the state capitol grounds without the two smaller chihuahuas. We kept a bit faster pace that way. It was a good walk and a wonderful spring day. I so look forward to more of these days.

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