Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Will It Blend?

Several years ago someone told me about the "Will It Blend?" website. At that time I spent a bit of time watching some of their inventive 'blends'. It was pretty humorous. Well, I ran across this clip about blending credit cards. Have fun watching.

Now isn't that a good way to cut your credit card habit. If you want to see more fun, go to the "Will It Blend" website.

Today I am spending time pre-washing more fabric. That means more ironing! I am making some tab curtains for someone. I think it is best to pre-wash these fabrics to alleviate any shrinking. The curtain fabric is black with a pink swirl pattern. I will be making a lining from a bolt of black fabric I purchased a long time ago. It has resided on a shelf for years. I haven't used much fabric from this bolt since it is not as tightly woven as I like. It wasn't appropriate for quilting or doll making. But it should work just fine for curtain lining. Okay, off to sew!

- - - - LATER IN THE AFTERNOON - - - -

Oh, I went to watch more of those "Will It Blend" clips. You have to take a peak at a few at least . . . I burst out laughing at this one after watching several others. Too funny!

Okay, now I'm really going to my sewing studio. (chuckle, chuckle!)

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