Monday, February 22, 2010

Visit my Website

Working on my Sew-N-Bee websiteI have been spending time working on some websites. This weekend the challenges of working on my Sew-N-Bee website have been interesting. It still needs more work, but I've got a fairly good start on it. Right now it is pretty basic - some prep work of the general overall look and navigation around the site took place. If you would like to take a peek then let me know what you think I would certainly appreciate it.

I have a couple other websites I want to develop, but have been slowly putzing around with them. You can link over to those from the Sew-N-Bee site as well if you want to wander around for awhile. They're not completed either. Aaah, more web work in the works! It's late now so I'm heading off to sleep.

Earlier in the day on Sunday I made lasagna. Then we stopped to browse the Sports Show at the Civic Center this afternoon. Later at night my hubby and I watched a bit of tv movies. A relaxing day while computing. More tomorrow!

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