Saturday, February 13, 2010

Testing Out Some Quilt Fabric Selections

Fabric choices for the borders have been made for the Leaf Quilt.The blocks of this Leaf Quilt are all sewn together now. I finished sewing and pressing seams tonight. I think the final choice for border fabrics will be as shown. My sewing friend and I sampled a few fabric choices by laying them along side the quilt top. These two pieces of gold and green fabrics seemed to strike the right balance for the quilt borders. I am glad this quilt is in its final stages. I cut the border for the inner gold fabric tonight.

Then I got distracted with tidying up my studio, re-rolling some fabric pieces onto boards so they could be lined up nicely on my shelves. It is always good to stay up on keeping things organized and in order. I am trying to stay current with that task so things don't get so out of hand like they have in the past. For my way of thinking, I believe staying on top of the chaos will help me get more accomplished in the long run.

Perhaps this autumn looking fabric would make a good choice for the back of this quilt. Still thinking about this one.This photo shows a bolt of fabric I am considering for the back of the Leaf Quilt. It is a printed fabric, but I like that it reminds me a bit of a batik. At this point I am not entirely sure this is the way I want to go with the back. I'm going to leave it sit out for awhile and see if it still seems okay in a day or so. I'm concerned it might be too bright for the quilt. There are a lot of colors going on with the front of the quilt. Perhaps the back should be more subdued. I didn't really want to go out and purchase more fabric for the back since I have such a large stash of fabric now. I will have to take another look through my fabric to see if there is anything else that appeals to me for this quilt. What do you think? Is the orange color too much? Does that bother anyone else? Maybe the bolder color choice is fine?

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