Sunday, February 7, 2010


My decorative planter is now fully buried under snow.We have received more snow this week. I went outdoors for awhile to shovel some of it off the sidewalks. I knew the kids would be walking home from school in the afternoon. By the time I stepped outside it was already several inches deep. Hopefully the effort to clear the walks was helpful. When it comes down consistently throughout the day like that it accumulates quickly. You can see my large decorative planter is fully covered now from all our recent snowfall. When he got home, my hubby got the snowblower out and cleared the walks even more. He commented the other day about teaching me how to use the snowblower "in case I needed to do it." Just as quickly as it came out of his mouth he hastily amended that statement to add, "not that you should be going out there to snowblow, but just in case you wanted to - or needed to." Hmmm . . . not quite sure what to think about that. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to know how to start it up and use it, but . . . well . . . it's not likely I'd be the one to do it. I always pretty much think of it as 'his toy' like my sewing machine is 'my toy'. I was just thinking it might be a good idea to share some knowledge though. When he teaches me to use the snowblower I can teach him how to use the sewing machine - just in case he want to, or needed to, sew up a rip or a loose button - or something. Maybe we could even do some bonding over this interchange of lessons. Just a thought. I'll have to bring that up sometime.

Birds ducked under the sidepanel of the truck.Surprising as it seems, I saw robins out in the yard on Saturday when I took these photos. There were quite a number of them flying and chasing one another about. I was pretty surprised and did a double-take when I first saw them come fly around the corner of the house. I usually think of robins as the first harbingers of Spring. It seems interesting to see them out in the yard so early in the year, especially given all the snow we have received lately. Perhaps these birds are some that chose to stay put for the winter here in North Dakota. These were darting back and forth, under and around the back end of the truck, resting on the snowblower handle, on the handrail at the front steps and in and out of the tree limbs overhead. Some of them ducked under the back end of the truck, knocking the dirt and snow from the ledge just under the wheel-well. I would guess they were gathering sand for their gizzards - or making a game out of it.

Robin sitting on handrail of the front steps.I love the look of this image with the robin in silhouette along with the iron rail on the steps. I did not convert this one to black and white. It just naturally looks that way with so much snow offsetting the darker colors of the other objects in the photo. It reminds me of that paper cutting technique - scherenschnitte. Pretty cool! And if you have never seen it before, I found a few websites promoting this craft here and here. Type the word into your search engine to find more. I'm starting to wish for spring again. If these robins are any indication, it is just around the corner. I know . . . it's just February now. We have to wait quite a while longer for Spring here in North Dakota. I am looking forward to it.

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