Thursday, February 25, 2010

S'mores and More

I love S'mores ornamentIt's a Christmas ornament I purchased at Cracker Barrel a year or two ago. I don't really remember when. I have it on a shelf in my Sewing Studio just because I think it's cute. Plus it reminds me of being a kid . . . being easy on myself . . . and a simpler time. I can remember when I first heard the work "S'mores" one day. Okay, so most of you 'young' folks think "S'mores" have been around forever. They haven't! At some point someone thought this up. Maybe it was a dessert or snack that people had been making for awhile, but someone thought up the name "S'mores" (guess why!!) and it stuck. It became a household word. Now when someone mentions the word "S'mores" EVERYBODY knows exactly what they're talking about.

Well, I can remember the first time I heard the word "S'mores" and I had to ask what that was. I thought it was strange that anyone would think up a dessert with marshmallows and chocolate between two graham cracker crusts. Why would anyone want to put something like that together? But it's a great treat. Kind of an awakening to other possibilities. Hey, if someone could think up "S'mores", why not make up other great stuff, too?

You don't have to wait for someone to tell you it's okay to make up stuff . . . you can just start to MAKE UP STUFF!! You can create whatever you want! Experiment and try stuff. One day you might have the next big idea. One day someone else might be looking at something you came up with and have the light bulb go off, triggering their creative spark of ingenuity. Make! Create! Invent!

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