Thursday, February 18, 2010

Prepping Background Fabrics and The Next Quilt

What's on my desk? The Rattlesnake Quilt! Prepping background fabrics today.Here's a view of what is on my desk . . . er, cutting table . . . the Rattlesnake Quilt. I spent a generous part of my day yesterday and today ironing the background fabrics that I pre-washed the other day. Yeah! Now they're prepped and ready to go. I need to gather together the freezer paper and trace the pattern onto it. The plan this weekend is to get the background red and golden yellow fabric corner pieces cut out and ready to sew. I want to sew all the background corners in place by the end of the day on Monday. This weekend I will work to pace myself on task. There are forty-two football shapes that need two corners each. From the photo it looks like just red fabrics here. The viewpoint here is a bit deceptive looking down from the top. All the golden yellow fabrics are underneath the red ones. From the side this fabric stack looks thicker. It looks like I will have to cut these corner pieces individually, by hand. I don't trust myself to cut that curve with the rotary cutter. Okay . . . warming up my grip on my scissors hand now. that's a lot of cutting.

My take on Amy Butler's Lotus Brick Path Quilt pattern, but using different fabric.I have another quilt started. Most of the pieces are cut for it anyway. I love Amy Butler's fabrics. I used her Lotus Brick Path Quilt pattern found on-line here to cut the blocks for this quilt. I used the fabric from her Midwest Modern 2 line of fabrics for my version though. I love the combination of colors and large visual graphics of her designs.

When I started my version I did not originally start with the use of as many different prints from her collection as indicated on the pattern. As I was cutting my fabric I thought I could get along with more pieces composed of fewer prints for a more simplified look. But upon laying them out and thinking about it I found that with so few fabric choices that would mean more like prints would be touching or close to other like prints. I was getting a completely different look than what I was going for. So I went out and purchased a few more prints . . . several times . . . and . . . now as I have so many blocks cut out I can see I will be able to sew two of these quilts. So I'm willing to go with the flow of it. I'm make an extra quilt. One to keep and one to gift away, give away or sell away. Hmmm. Funny how not planning well and veering off from the instructions gets me into a whole other situation. What to do with the extra quilt? What would you do? I'll keep you posted on my progress. I know they will be pretty! Just two more chunks of fabric to cut out and I can start stitching these quilts together. At least the cutting on this goes faster since I can use the rotary cutter. All straight cuts!

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  1. Did you finish this quilt? I love your color scheme. Would love to see a picture of the whole quilt, if you have one. What did you think of the pattern?


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