Saturday, February 6, 2010

Auditioning Colors

Selecting fabric colors for the background squares of my Rattlesnake quilt.My sewing friend and I finally were able to get together at my house for a little sewing therapy. Again, I have to say how thankful I am to be over that yucky sinus infection. I missed our sewing and quilting get-togethers. I thoroughly enjoyed the days we spent together this week. And I accomplished a lot so that was a bonus as well.

One of the things I accomplished was auditioning some fabric choices to go along with the black and white football shapes of my Rattlesnake quilt. And I think the choices of reds and golden yellows we selected will be wonderful. I've decided to hang this quilt on the wall of my 'Yellow Room'. It's an upstairs bedroom where I have my quilting frame set up waiting to be used. I also do some scrapbooking and various paper art projects here as well. I haven't been using this room for much lately other than as a storage place for lots of photos, memorabilia, boxes of old papers, files and magazines I am slowly (very slowly) sorting through. As I was cleaning out and de-cluttering other areas of the house I ended up hauling 'stuff' into the Yellow Room and in the hallway. De-cluttering is an on-going project I need to keep working on.

A closer look at those background choices - yes to red and golden yellows.Now that the fabric choices have been made I can procede with stitching the background corners for this quilt. I want to pre-wash the background fabrics this weekend . . . especially the reds . . . so they don't end up bleeding into the other fabrics when this quilt eventually gets washed. I think this color combination will work out fabulously and fit my Yellow Scrapbooking Room perfectly. I've already got quite a bit of black and white with some touches of red and yellow happening in that room. After I get the quilt completed and hung on the wall I want to continue to tweak the decor in this room so it looks more appealing. I've got a few decorative elements I want to hang on the walls and add some other touches. This decorating project may take some time. I'm guessing it may be done around late March or early April. I've been moving very slowly at sorting and purging some of the old paperwork. I always seem to find plenty of other more interesting things to do instead. I'm good at avoiding some of the not-so-fun sorting part of it. But I look forward to getting it done so I can make better use of this room to scrapbook and quilt some of the many quilt tops I have waiting.


  1. This will be a stunning quilt. Glad to hear you are better.

  2. Thanks Terri! Stunning quilt, feeling better - both good things.


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