Friday, January 29, 2010

Views Of The Day So Far

The front view - not as much snow yet as last year, but plenty enough for me.Most of this past couple weeks while I was sleeping a lot, recovering from this sinus infection, I have kept the window blinds closed. Pretty much just holed up resting or sleeping. Yesterday and today I have raised the blinds open wide to let in all this great sunshine we are receiving. It is glorious. Mid-winter cold weather, but lots of sun. I can take that. My desk is positioned in such a way that it helps me take advantage of this sun light. I'm basking in it right now. Warm and wonderful, but I just might have to put my sunglasses on!

Here is a view of our snow-filled front yard. There isn't as much snow as we had last year, but that pile covering my big flower pot is pretty high. Most of that is snow from the driveway and sidewalk. I am okay with piling it on my pot since that is the easiest when clearing it off the sidewalk, but I cannot help but wonder about possible damage to the pot considering what happened to my chicken planter last year. I'm thinking now that it might have been better to have covered it with something to protect it a bit. Next time I go to our local garden center I'm going to have to find out what they suggest. Does anyone else have any large clay pots or decorative garden items? How do you deal with them for wintery weather?

On my desk - books to help learn html code - and some hexidecimal codes for color choices.Switching to an indoor view, this is what is currently on my desk. I'm keeping warm with delicious hot tea soothing my throat and warming me up. A couple days ago I started playing with changes to my websites. I'm experimenting with color combinations and changing up the formats. I love to play with color. That must be one of the reasons I like to quilt and paint. The color choices shown in these two books are not the full selection of hexidecimal color lists available for web design. I would love to have this poster and color charts to help chose website colors. Unfortunately I haven't invested in any of these yet. Perhaps one day I'll splurge on them. For now I play with things I find in my books and assorted info from websites on html and xhtml suggestions.

I am working now on changing the format of my websites. I received a suggestion to make the pages more fluid. This means when the window is resized the page resizes as well. When you have multiple windows open at the same time this allows you to see more of the page and its content. It involves using more floating divs and less absolute commands. I can see there would be a benefit to this, so am working on converting my pages to accomplish this different format. At the moment it seems to make the codes a bit cleaner . . . easier to read. I'll reserve judgement on that till when I'm finished with these changes. It is taking me awhile since I seem to be easily distracted. I haven't been devoting enough time to learning the codes. Aside from being sick, I'm spending my time doing lots of other things. One thing I want to work on this year is being more focused on specific things. Learning web programming and keeping up-to-date with my websites and blogs are at the top of my list. I also have a desire to devote more time to garment sewing, quilting and some other artwork. Now that I'm turning the corner on being sick, feeling stronger, I'm more conscious of things I want to work on. I want to plan my time better and Focus, focus, focus! I want to not only organize my rooms and supplies better, but organize my time better also.

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