Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sick, a Bad Four Letter Word

We are in a frosty winterland.This was one of the views outdoors yesterday. The frost stayed on the trees all day into the evening. We were surrounded by fog and low lying clouds throughout the day. When driving things before me were only visible for about a block and a half. This photo was taken later in the day, probably around 4-5pm. It was somewhat magical because we just don't have fog and frost stay around that long. I missed the sun though. This time of year a bright sunny day does wonders.

Gathering goodies for a Scrapbook Room Make-OverI have been working on de-cluttering some of the stuff around here. We will be moving a large assortment of my excess stuff later this weekend. I'll be helping do a Scrapbook Room Make-Over for someone. We had an opportunity to get together and talk about it the other day. We've got big plans. They might take a few weeks to get everything into place, but it should be a fun process. Doing this helps me clear space in my house and will make a fun room for someone else to have some scrapbook and craft-y enjoyment.

Yesterday I had a tremendous headache on the left side of my head along with a couple days with stiff neck and achey shoulders. I woke up today with sinus drainage, feeling run down and exhausted. I'm hoping to get past this yuckiness by this weekend. I'd hate to feel sick when we have so much great stuff planned.

a beautiful glass jar in pearlesque colors with crystal accents - a future pen and pencil jar?I found these storage boxes and this pretty glass jar with crystals on sale last week. I think they will come in handy in the new scrapbook make-over. She has chosen a deep pink, almost fushia color along with black and white as the theme colors. We're going for 'stylish and pretty' as our goal.

Putting together a new shelf for the bedroom.Meanwhile, here at home my hubby and I started working on some re-arranging of our bedroom. We're de-cluttering in there as well. It will be nice to open up the space more. We got this large shelf to house some of my hubby's tennis trophies, books and other stuff for him. Here it is laying face down as we worked to put it together. It is still currently in the living room because I felt too horrible to do anything with decorating and moving stuff today. It was a sleep and recovery day today for me. I pretty much took it easy. I hate being sick.

I did spend a little time on the computer. I signed up for a Cloth and Paperclay doll-making class and the Izannah Walker Workshop. I downloaded the pattern pieces and cut them out this afternoon. Didn't feel up to sewing a lot so only worked on putting binding on a tablerunner before I got exhausted and went to take a nap. I found Susie McMahon's Doll site and blog. She's done some amazing cloth doll work. You'll be doing yourself a favor to go take a peak. I spent a while this evening being charmed by her amazing dolls. She's involved in the Izannah Walker doll site as well. Time will tell how good I can get in this new medium. I've got all my supplies now and downloaded and prepped the pattern pieces so will get started on my first dolls soon. I'll keep you posted.

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