Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Sewing

I was awakened early (3am) this morning by one of our dogs wanting to go outside. Since she got me up so early I decided I would get all three of them up and send them outside. That way they wouldn't be anxious to go out when the sun came up. It was bitterly cold out this morning, but tonight is worse. It got down to -20 degrees out there - not counting any wind chill factors. That was actual temperature. Brrr.

Cutting 'bricks' with my AccuquiltGo cutterOnce I was awake I could not fall back to sleep. So I got up and went down to my sewing room. I decided to cut up some scraps that were piled on my cutting table. I cut this pile of 'bricks' for a quilt I'll be working on this month of January. These are 3 1/2" x 6 1/2" rectangles. They will be laid out like a brick path so I won't need to match any corners. This should make it easier and quicker to put together. There shouldn't need to be any pinning since I don't have to match seams. I have not counted how many are in this pile. And I haven't taken time to figure out how many pieces I'll need for a queen-size quilt yet. I think I'll just start sewing some together and guesstimate it as I go along. I'll post photos as it starts to take shape.

I sewed these two Clutter Bug bags today.I finished sewing these two Clutter Bug bags today. I actually started the first bag when my friend came to my house to sew with me earlier this week. I was busy talking with her that day and not paying attention. I had to rip some stitches out and do part of it over, not following the pattern very well with all the gabbing. When I went back to finish it, I had a minor change in the way I machine quilted the layers together. I just found it easier to do it my usual way rather than the way the pattern instructed. I've already put some stuff in the one I'm thinking about keeping. I'm planning to post the other to my Etsy account and try to sell it. I'll look into doing that tomorrow. It's getting late for now and I want to head off to bed.

This is the pattern used to make my Clutter Bug bag.Here's a closer view of the pattern. It was fairly easy to make. I used a 9" zipper in both of mine since I had some on hand that I picked up at a clearance sale. One was plastic and the other was a metal zipper. It's been awhile since I sewed in a zipper. I have to say the plastic one was easier since I didn't have to go slow and take care not to hit the zipper teeth with the needle. The pattern instructions for the zipper were a bit different than how I would normally do it. If I make any more I would likely change the way this is inserted. It worked out fine, just different.

Well, since it is so late I'm off to bed. Nitey-nite!

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