Sunday, January 17, 2010

Movie Night and Other Fun

My hubby and I went out to see a movie tonight. We watched the new 'Avatar' movie. We both thought it was really good. Can't wait to see the sequel. You just know they're going to come out with one. It was too good a story line not to. If you haven't seen it yet, you should. Here's a link to check it out. Of course you can see more links just by typing 'Avatar movie trailer' into your browser and follow the link to see more trailers. But don't stop there, go see the show! Okay, enough of that.

The day wasn't too eventful beyond the movie. Here at home the two smaller dogs got to have a bath and a change of bedding. They usually like to sit wrapped up in their towels and cuddle for awhile after their baths. Our female chihuahua seemed kind of indignant that I made her have a bath. She didn't want to do much cuddling afterward. I think she was mad at me. She couldn't wait to get down and go run to her kennel afterward. By the time we got home from the movie tonight she had changed her mind. She actually came running out to me greet me as I was taking my coat off. Hubby was trying to get all three of them to head out the door for potty breaks but she wanted to get a greeting from me before she went outside. Looks like I'm forgiven. Yay! Dogs are such wonderful, loving and easy to forgive creatures. It's good to know all is well now. They're all sleeping peacefully as I type now.

I didn't get any sewing done today, but plan on doing some of that tomorrow. I forgot to mention the other day I received the Creative Paperclay shipment I ordered on-line. I checked around town last week for it, but didn't see it locally. Then yesterday I received my on-line order, later stopped in to return something at Hobby Lobby and saw some on the shelf during that return visit. Go figure. If I knew they were going to have some I would have waited. I usually like to buy locally when possible to support our local economy. I ended up getting more than I would have originally in order to get a better price. Now I have got plenty of paperclay to make up lots of the Cloth & Clay dolls I am currently lined up with taking on-line courses. I can start on The Original Cloth & Clay Doll Workshop doll now that I have my clay. And the Izannah Walker Doll Workshop lessons start on Monday. It should be lots of fun to get creative with dolls again. I'm looking forward to it. If you care to join me in some doll making fun, click on the links in my side-bar. Come on! It'll be fun!

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