Wednesday, January 27, 2010

An Apple A Day

That's the traditional saying . . . an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well I'm going to be trying harder on this. More fruits and vegetables coming in my future. To help keep me healthier, and for lower calories.

I watched a bit of tv this afternoon (switching channels for awhile - guess who is rubbing off on me :) and saw a piece on Oprah Winfrey's show about eating more 'real food' instead of all the processed foods that are so readily available now. There was a statistic presented that 20-30 years ago people would spend 15% of their income on food and 7-8% on doctors and medical care. Her guest speaker says now days the statistic is closer to spending 7% of our income on food (because of lots of low cost, government subsidized processed food, and including all the less healthy fast food) while we are now spending 18% and more on medical care. I didn't jot down the actual numbers given, but that was the relative gist of the percentages. I watched a couple shows on big business farming and food processing ('Food Tech' last week was one) and today the bit on Oprah about where some of our food comes from. Interesting. Makes me want to get that garden going even more this coming spring and summer. And I would be one to have oh, maybe . . . three 'pet' chickens (for fresh eggs) in place of three pet dogs if it wasn't against city ordinances . . . and if my hubby would let me cheat and sneak them in under the cover of darkness. Guess I'd have to work with city council or county regulations to change the laws. Currently one has to own 40 acres of land before they are allowed to have chickens. Unbelieveable! a whole 40 acres for a few chickens! Not 3, 5, or 10 acres. My hubby has already told me I can't have chickens till we move out to the country and buy that 40 acres. What would I do with a whole 40 acres? All I want is a nice garden and a few chickens. Maybe, one day . . . till then I need to find a local farmer who has chickens for some of those wonderful farm fresh eggs.

Anyway, more fresh fruits and veggies and some honest to goodness whole foods will be on the menus for us more often in the future. It has been a while since I was sick, but my opinion is it's better to be well and healthy than sick. This past week has been unpleasant to say the least. So glad I'm on the mend and feeling better.

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