Monday, December 28, 2009

The Things We Eat

crab legs thawing for dinnerNow that we've got lots of snow (12-14 inches) my hubby has been spending lots of time outdoors with the snow blower. He is good about helping out others on our street when it comes to dealing with the snow. One of the neighbors down the street is a chef at a local restaurant. You know they have to eat well with an expert in the house like that. My hubby came home with a surprise box from them as a thank you for helping with the snow so often. It was a box of big, giant crab legs!

crab legs up close - they look kind of freakyMy hubby has ordered crab legs at restaurants before, but we don't get them often. This was something new for us to try to cook for ourselves. What to do? He got on-line and looked up instructions on preparing them. First off he had to break their legs so they would fit in our pot. Then my hubby cooked them, along with a second pot of rice. It was good, but I have to say I'm not a big fan of crab legs myself. I told my hubby he could eat more of them than me since he was the one doing all the work to receive them. He had a whole bunch compared to what I took. It was a good surprise.

Yum! Home made bread!This weekend I baked home made bread. I used the recipe from the book that came with my Kitchen-aid mixer. It makes two loaves. I decided I wanted some buns, so I formed a half dozen of them before I made the rest into the two loaves. That made the loaves a bit smaller than they would have been. No big deal. Our slices are just a tish smaller, and the buns were good.

Mmmm good, potato soup and home made bread toasted with cinnamon and sugarI had a craving for some yummy potato soup this weekend, too. I've made the Gooseberry Patch recipe before and we loved it. This soup recipe was a free download in early October from the 'Taste of Autumn' cookbook called 'Corn & Potato Chowder'. I leave the corn out since my hubby doesn't eat corn. This time I loosely followed the recipe, but made the batch a bit larger with more carrots and potatoes. This is what I had on my desk yesterday . . . potato soup and cinnamon toast made from homemade bread. And of course a nice warm cup of tea - I love tea. Yum! I divied up the pot of soup to individual bowls so they would be easy to reheat in the microwave. There are still several bowls with soup in the fridge right now. That'll make a great lunch for us today. Home made fast food.

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