Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Studio Re-Organization Nearly Done

A stack of fabric from my stash.Here's a view from the studio. Yep, a stack of fabric.

Sorry it has taken me so long to submit a blog entry. Hey, what can I say? I've been busy working on the re-organization of my studio and enjoying my Thanksgiving holiday with the family. Okay . . . no apologies for that. Everyone deserves to take time some time with their family.

Yeah . . . but I've been really E - n - j - o - y - i - n- g it. For the last several days I've been a big bundle of lazy bones, doing some sorting, organizing, re-arranging to be sure, but also just enjoying some time off to goof off and do N O T H I N G ! I've been enjoying myself.

Another stack of fabric from my stash.Today I went to sew with a friend. It's fun to take some time off, but equally fun to get back into the swing of things.

I worked on paper piecing my rattlesnake quilt. Yes, this is the one I made the big OOPS on and cut off the tip of my finger. But now that I'm working on it again (with those cool plastic guards on my ruler) to prevent further accidents, I've gotten past the queasy feeling I felt when I first picked up the rotary cutter and ruler (after the accident) and started working on this quilt again. I'm now being more careful and aware of those kinds of quilting accidents.

It's going well. I got three more of those paper pieced football shaped segments completed today -- while we quilted and chatted the afternoon away. It was a good day. I rather enjoyed sending the month of November off with a good day of sewing and socializing with my friend. This evening I've enjoyed watching tv and relaxing with my hubby. Bye-bye November . . . hello December. I hear on the news tonight we've got wind heading our way tomorrow -- 50 mile per hour wind. Hold onto your hat!

Oh, and just for gee-wiz . . . in other North Dakota news . . . this past week the Police and the Game and Fish Department killed a mountain lion IN TOWN, on the north side of town, (and I emphasize -- IN TOWN) as it was passing near the Home Depot store and the vicinity of the north Walmart store. In the recent past several years some people had made complaints about cougars around here (example: scratches from large animal attacks found on horses) and received rebuffs that lions don't attack that way and how they wouldn't come this far, and not so close to town. Well . . . lo and behold . . . how interesting.

Now, here I sit at the computer watching the colorful lights twinkle away on my partially decorated Christmas tree while I type. My son and his new wife had an opportunity to look through the Christmas ornaments and take what they wanted from our collection of ornaments to add to their holiday tree decorations when they were here for Thanksgiving. Meanwhile our tree is up, lighted with twinkly lights and awaiting the rest of whatever decorations I decide to finish it up with. Some years I've done a themed Christmas tree and other years I just throw on a variety of stuff. I'm thinking this might be a year for a theme, but just not sure how I want to go with it. I'm thinking red and gold perhaps, but not entirely commited to that yet. Meanwhile we've been enjoying the room lights dimmed while we watch tv and have the twinkly lights going off and on. It's pleasant now even in its simplicity with just the light. Perhaps it's time for a humble tree this year with only home-made decorations. The beauty of the lights -- it is pretty on its own. A selection of hand-made designs might be just the thing. How are you choosing to decorate your Christmas tree this year?

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