Monday, December 21, 2009

Sewing, Sorting, Speaking in Tongues

I recently got a 'blue screen' on my Creative Vision.I had a 'blue screen' show up on my Pfaff Creative Vision embroidery machine a few days ago. As I recall this was the second time ever in two years that one of these showed up. To resolve this I just shut off the machine and rebooted it. When the screen came back up things were back to normal . . . no residual effects. The machine works fine.

The most recent things I've been embroidering were some garments for someone who wanted to give them as Christmas gifts. I digitized a logo using my Pfaff 4D Suite software program then sewed it out on some garments. Prior to this assignment I was busy working on some quilting projects. I've been back to work on the Rattlesnake Quilt among others. There are only about a half dozen more paper piecing wedges to complete. Then I can move on to sewing on the corner pieces to finish off the quilt top. It's coming along - slowly.

Yes, I've been away from blogging for nearly a month. I've been busy with holiday events and spending time here at home doing a variety of things. It has been a pleasant month. Lots of things keeping me busy.

During this past month I also worked on re-purposing some of the spaces in our home. I've learned I'm very good at packing away LOTS OF STUFF in nooks and crannies around here. Actually I've known that for a long time, it's just that the point has been driven home really well for me lately. I've been tossing stuff that has been collecting dust and no longer serving any purpose for me. Hauling out stuff has been great for freeing up more usable space. I find myself sometimes getting bored with going through it all. Yet it has been a process to work my way through it all, remembering when I got some of it. There is still quite a bit to go through . . . lots of it is old paperwork right now. So I've been sorting through files and containers. I need to shred most of this stuff before it leaves the house. Sometimes I think I should just light a bon-fire in the fire-place and burn it. Then I wouldn't have to listen to the shredder mutilating all that paper. There's also stuff for give-away. I've got a box of stuff and some winter coats already in the trunk of the car to drop off for charity donation.

Lately though, the last several days, I've been procrastinating with sorting my way through all the paperwork. I've got it consolidated into some bins so it doesn't take up quite so much space, but am getting to the point I hate to sit down and deal with it . . . I know, just buckle down and get it done. The more I procrastinate with it, the longer I will have to look at this pile. Anyone else find themselves procrastinating with something? I read something recently that procrastination is a form of passive-agressive behavior - it is being passive-agressive against yourself. I never thought of it like that before. What do you think?

So, a few more days till Christmas. We are looking forward to spending time with some of our family. It will be fun.

My hubby and I are looking forward to the New Year as well. We've been talking about things we'd like to do differently next year. We had a conversation the other day about doing some things together as a couple. My hubby suggested we learn another language together. Deep down I think he'll probably be a lot better at it than me. I told him so and he balked at that idea. I told him I was up for it though. He has been talking about getting a Rosetta Stone language course for quite some time but put it off because they are so pricey. Plus he said it would be easier to learn a language if a person can make use of it in everyday life with conversations to others. He already knows Spanish - and enough French to communicate a bit with some of the Canadians who come down to the states. I suggested we learn French then we could take a trip to Quebec next year to celebrate. He suggested something completely different like Russian. Then I suggested why not Arabic since that's so much in the news these days with what's going on in the world. He's pushing for Russian at the moment. I'm open.

I took two years of Spanish in High School, but am certainly not fluent in it. I never got to the point where I could think in Spanish. In fact, I don't remember much of it from so long ago. I think my mind works more on a visual level, being interested in art and all, not so much on a verbal level. It might be fun to work at learning a new language together. We talked about setting aside certain times of the day or week as language day. Then only speak that language during those times. That way we could get more of an immersion effect. So what do you think? If you were to learn another language what would you choose to learn? And how would you make it easier to accomplish?

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