Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year Anticipations

I found out a few days ago that my uber favorite TV program - did I mention my very mostest favorite TV program - Chuck will be coming back on the air. It will be starting off its 3rd season on January 10th with a special premiere opening program at 8pm central time on Sunday. Yeah!! And the regualarly scheduled Monday show starts the next day -- the NEXT DAY!! -- on their regularly scheduled Monday air time. We cannot wait. We LOVE Chuck. It's the ONLY really GOOD program out there on TV now. After a fall and winter of reruns of watching NCIS (we love the crew here at NCIS also!) and CSI we're so looking forward to some new material.

I purchased the first season of Chuck on DVD when it first hit the stores. We've watched those episodes several times. I know there are some season two episodes available to watch on-line, but that is just not the same. I'm looking forward to the release of the season two episodes to DVD in January, also. But the big kicker is that the new shows will be airing soon. You can watch a trailer for the Jan. 10 2 hr premiere here.

My hubby had signed up to play tennis in the past on Mondays, but will be holding off with that now that NBC is advertising the new season of Chuck. We'll be setting up the TV and snacks, snuggled under a warm blankie, ready and waiting for season three to begin.

Oh, Joy! Did I mention I love the show Chuck? We've been discussing it amongst ourselves the last few days since we saw the new trailers. Hoping 'they' (the NBC executives) don't ruin the charm of Chuck this season. It appears as though they'll be giving him more of a secret spy persona. We just don't want to lose our Buy More nerd as we've come to know him. We see they've spun off the 'Bryce' character (Matthew Bomer) into his own TV series (White Collar). That show doesn't carry the same charm as Chuck. So we are hoping 'they' don't veer off from the loveable Chuck character we've enjoyed in the past. It would be so disappointing if 'they' made Chuck's character just like every other spy show character out there. I'm hoping he won't be all 'super-hero spy guy' and lose the charm of the funny, quirky, nerd-herd Chuck character of the first two seasons.

So . . . waiting . . . with anticipation for season three to begin. It you haven't watched it yet, you'll want to go peek at some episodes available on line then tune in to see the new ones. Chuck is charming, loveable and funny, clever with it's turn of events and humorous/playful banter between the characters without all the overly used gratuitous sex and violence shown so much these days to get viewers. That kind of programming has become so trite - it's why so many people are disappointed that there are hundreds of channels now available on TV, but nothing good on. We're looking forward to seeing if season three is as good as the first two seasons.

In more local news, I get to sew with my friend tomorrow. Sweet!

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