Thursday, December 31, 2009

New for 2010

Visit Cloth and Clay Dolls
I was browsing the internet over the weekend. This was fun to do as I randomly followed blog links from one interesting site to another. I came upon this Cloth & Clay Doll website and fell in love with the unique, hand made dolls. So many of them have an aged, antique appearance. But there are also many with a fun and funky modern tone to them as well. Each one is hand made, one at a time and unique. If you are interested in dolls, cloth dolls, and hand painted dolls you will have fun browsing through those posted here.

I signed up for one of the on-line classes to learn some new techniques on doll making. This would be a paper-clay over cloth technique. I've been aware of this type of doll for a long time, but never took the time to learn to make them. It is one of my New Year's desires (no resolution here - just a desire) to learn to make this type of doll. I'll keep you posted on the results by uploading some photos of my progress. Right now I'm partially through the series of video lessons I signed up for the Cloth & Clay Doll class from the website. I'm watching through all the videos first to get the general ideas expressed, then will re-watch as I work my way through the process of my first doll. I'm looking forward to getting started with this.

Tonight I was browsing through some of the blogs I periodically check on when I saw this project proposal for 2010. Terri Stegmiller lives across the river in Mandan. She is actually located nearby although I have not met her before. Isn't that funny that you can run across someone over the internet and discover they are living so close. You would think with such similar interests we would have run across each other and had the opportunity to meet one another by now. Strange.

Anyway, this proposal to use a word cue once a week to inspire an art project sounds interesting. I know there are several other projects similar to this on-line. I even have a few posted in my side bar. But given the fact that Terri is located so close to me I've decided to participate in her on-line activity this next year. I'll see how long I stay active in this project. I supposed that depends on how busy I get with other things and how inspiring the word cues are. Stay tuned on this project.


  1. Hi Doreen! Perhaps we should set up a date to meet? I'm going to be attending an art opening at Bismarck Art and Gallery Assoc. on Tuesday, January 5 at 5 o'clockish. Are you interested?

  2. Yes, this sounds like it would be the perfect place to meet. I'll be there barring any unforeseen weather issues. LOL. How about all that snow?

  3. Yes, this all definitely depends on the weather. I hope to see you soon!


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