Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Ornaments

New and old pull-toy christmas ornamentsMy sewing friend gave me the snowman ornament seen here on the left. Isn't it so cute!?! I told her it reminded me of some of the German ornaments we saw at kiosks years ago when we were in Germany. The little painted wooden sheep ornament at the right is one of those from Germany. Pull the string and the arms and legs move. The snowman functions this same way by pulling the string. I love it.

New and old pull-toy ornaments without flashI had to try another frame without the camera flash. It was washing out all the detail. This one is photoshopped a bit to help with visability of details. Sometimes I wish I had better lights and equipment to get better photos. At this point I'm limited to shooting either with the flash, delayed flash, or no flash. I do my best with what I have. Funny how the green wires of the Christmas tree lights appears similar to the color of our artificial tree, but once they are illuminated by the flash they appear to be so different. I like leaving the lights on all the time - day time and night time. The colorful lights are pretty.

Pheasant feather ornament - handmade, purchased at craft fair about 10 years agoThis is another of my favorite ornaments. I found a booth at a craft fair about ten years ago with these home-made pheasant feather ornaments. The woman who made them did a beautiful job. She said her husband and sons did a lot of pheasant hunting. Said she loved the colorful feathers and hated to just discard them after the birds were put up in the freezer. When she came up with this idea for ornaments she thought it was a better use of the feathers than just throwing them away. She used a styrofoam ball, glue, a long decorative stick-pin and ribbon along with the feathers to create them. They were hot sellers that year.

Vintage Christmas ornaments - circa mid 1950s?The last of the ornaments I'll comment on are not on my tree this year. I actually have not used these vintage ornaments for a long, long time. They are very delicate, paper-thin blown glass. I used them a couple years after they were given to me, but if they got bumped off the tree they broke immediately. I haven't hung them up since. These old vintage ornaments were a gift from an older couple I knew 18-20 years ago. She said she got them during the first years they were married. They have lost most of their shiny quality and now have that patina that only comes with age. To me that is part of their charm. They remind me of the old fashioned ornaments I saw as a child at my grandma's house and on our family tree in the late fifies and early sixties. The fact that they bring back memories is another reason I like to hang onto them even though I don't use them on the tree any more. Considering the age of this older couple, I would guess these vintage ornaments were made in the early to mid 50s. Some of them have those indented sides that were popular back then. They are all hand painted, some have glitter applied. The boxes don't reveal any further information.

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