Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mermaid Fabric Book Doll

Close-up of the Mermaid Fabric Book I created in 2006.I thought I would take some photos of this sewing project from the past. I will be writing up a pattern with instructions for this Mermaid Fabric Book. Just wanted to share some of the images here on my blog. This was my entry in a round-robin type doll swap I participated in three years ago in 2006.

The mini-book gave each participating artist an opportunity to sign their name and write a short message.Someone mentioned to me awhile ago that I should write up the pattern instructions for this doll/fabric book. They thought others might be interested in making up their own Mermaid Fabric Book. I plan on using it in a zine swap I am currently participating in. Alma Stoller's "I Heart Zines" swap is ending this week with the due date this weekend. I'm hoping to include these instructions as part of my zine for the swap. That is if I can get them typed up and printed to include in the book before I drop my zines off in the mail.

I made the zippered pouch as my page to hold the little mini-book.I couldn't fall asleep yet tonight when I tried earlier. So I decided to get up and take the photos tonight early this morning. It's about 1:40 am and I'm starting to get sleepy now. Will head off to bed shortly, just as soon as I'm done posting here.

My Mermaid Fabric Book doll holds the book closed with her hands.The book is held closed by the mermaid's hands. Each hand and finger is created with wired armature so they are pliable and able to be posed. This feature allows the fingers to be bent to allow her to clasp onto her tail and thus hold the fabric book closed.

This was a fun book/doll to make. When I sent it off for the swap, I had completed the front and back covers (that made up the doll's body). And I created one page (the zippered pouch that holds the signature mini-book). Each artist who participated in the swap was to add their own page then send it on to the next person. Everyone had the freedom to do whatever they wanted to add for their page. When she arrived back home it was fun to see what everyone added.

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