Friday, November 6, 2009

five inch charm squares for give-away . . . take a guess at how many are in this pile.Just a reminder of the 5" charm square quilt block give-away I have open right now . . . Enter a comment to add your name to the drawing.

I did some sewing with my friend today. I worked on sewing some tumbler blocks together. I will be cutting out more blocks to add to what I already have on hand. I need to go through my stash and select a few more fabrics to round out the colors I've coordinated together so far. These fabric combinations look good right now. So far so good. Onward to more blocks . . .

I've been thinking more and more about doing some re-arranging around here with the layout of furniture in several rooms of our home. I've got changes in mind. Yes, change is on the way . . . as it always is . . . you can't stop change. But I can control the layout of furniture in my home environment. I'll update with photos in a future session.

Change can be good . . . I'll see how I feel about things in a short time. . . I can always change back . . . right???

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  1. Hi mom, I was just going through your blog. I have been adding to mine again. I don't need to be added to the drawing... lol. I was just checking to see if you have added to your website. I know you have a lot of projects but I was curious on its progress. Talk to you later.


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