Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall Leaves and Sewing Studio Progress

More leaves will fall from these trees that line our street.We worked in the front yard to rake leaves this past weekend. We bagged up eight of those black super-large size yard & garden trash bags. They were jammed full of leaves. Periodically as we were bagging, my hubby would step into the bag to crush the leaves and compact them so more leaves would fit inside them. He also raked the back yard, but those leaves are still there in a pile. We knew there would be more to rake and clear out. There always are several rakings every year before it is over. But we wanted to get started to get a handle on it before it rained or snowed more. That just makes them harder to deal with.

A view from the front window.Looking at the trees above, I'd guess there are another 6-8 bags (or more?) up there that have not fallen yet. We'll be raking again later this week. And unless we get a really good wind that blows them all away, we'll probably be raking next week also. I don't mind, as long as the weather stays as nice and fall-ish as it has been lately. Some years we would have already had snow by now. We have been enjoying the pleasant sunny days lately, so no complaints here with leaves or anything else. The sun can make a huge difference in one's outlook.

As far as my progress in the Sewing Studio, I got the basics in place for my re-arrangement of the room. I'm not entirely sure if things will stay this way. I'm feeling a bit displaced since things are not in their usual spots. I'll give it a few weeks to see if the flow is working better . . .if not, I'll have to give the arrangement of this room more consideration. One thing I'm coming to grips with is just how much 'stuff' I have in that room. I know I need to pare down on some of this 'stuff' but that will have to take place over time. Right now I'm more interested in getting to work on some holiday sewing projects.

I have several projects already in progress. Plus there are more ideas percolating in my head. I am interested in getting started with them. I also uploaded a few pages for my website. It is not quite ready to advertise yet as I need to get the content pages finished. I'll post the link to the website soon. I need to tweak it further. I'm also working on digitizing a logo for someone. This will be used on some garments and is intended for a Christmas gift. I've started on it, but need to get that completed and test sewn so I can embroider it on the garments. I've got to have plenty of time to get it back to the customer in time for the holiday.

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