Thursday, November 12, 2009

Five inch charm square give-away. Leave a comment to enter the drawing.I just want to emphasize the give-away that I have open right now. I will be giving away a bundle of 40 five inch charm squares in a drawing ending November 14th. Please leave a comment to get your name into the drawing.

Ok . . . enough said. I've been thinking cartoons lately. I ran across a flicker site that showcases cartoon drawings of "What I Wore Today". I found it a couple days ago and had fun looking through quite a lot of drawings. Apparently this is a site that gets a lot of submissions from artists and cartoonists. I clicked through the entries for the month of November. There are a lot a really cool drawings to look through. Some are better than others. That's to be expected. I'd love to sharpen my pencil, and dip the nib of my ink pen in the well . . . It would be kind of fun to submit one of my drawings . . . but I'm hesitant. It as been ages since I did any drawings. And even more ages since I did any cartooning.

But . . .

Oh . . .

the . . .

posibilities . . .

I'm tempted.

We'll see how strong that temptation is.

Meanwhile . . .

You might want to go take a peak at this web site . . .

What I Wore Today.

Have fun!

Just one more addition to this post. There is a flicker site that shows all the "What I Wore" submissions. It's worth a look. Okay . . . that's it for tonight.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Studio Floor Plan

I like to store my larger cuts of fabric wrapped on boards like this to keep it neat and organized.My sewing friend came over to my house to sew with me today. She had an opportunity to see the new arrangement of my sewing studio. We are both in agreement that the space seems more confining now even though one piece of furniture has been removed and all the 'stuff' has not even been moved back into the room. Obviously I need to 'go back to the drawing board' and rethink this current arrangement.

I made up a floor plan of the room on gridded paper so everything is to scale. I also have all the furniture and shelves drawn out to scale on paper so I can move furniture and change the layout the easy way before I expend all my muscle energy to do it in reality. I bet somebody's got a software program somewhere that lets you do that kind of thing on the computer in virtual world, too. This current arrangement looked promising on paper, but didn't hold up so well in real life. How disappointing.

We did manage to get some sewing done together. And lots of chatting to go along with that. It makes for a nice day to combine those two things together. Today I was busy sewing together some quilt blocks for another quilt. This will be another quilt top to add to my collection of completed tops ready to do the quilting on my Pfaff Grand Quilter quilting frame. I'll have to do some digging through my bins of supplies and check out how many quilt batts I have on hand. Some time ago I had bought up a number of them to stock up when they were on sale. I don't remember how many I have. At the rate I'm going I might be getting to the point where I have more finished quilt tops than quilt batts. I'm curious just how many I can get completely finished before the end of the year.

The image leading off my post today is a photo of the way I have some of my fabric stored on my shelves. The first board shown with the curved corners is from a set of fabric storage boards I purchased. The others I cut from foam core board. I can cut four pieces this size from the foam core. If you are looking for a way to organize your fabric or store it in such a way that it stays neat and orderly this is one way you could do it.

I usually use these boards for any lengths of fabric that are purchsed in lengths of 2 yards or more. It is easier to handle when you want to use the fabric. You only need to unroll the amount you want and cut it with your rotary cutter. It's like a mini bolt of fabric. They are easy to store vertically on a shelf. That makes them easier to access than fabric that is in piles. I hate it when I work so hard to neatly fold my fabric then when you want to pull out a piece of fabric from the middle or the bottom of the pile they all get messed up. Folded fabric can sometimes be hard to get back into the piles if you like to keep them in color order or with a grouping of like fabric.

I purchased about a dozen more foam core boards that need to be cut down to size. As I work on getting my studio back into a good, satisfactory working condition again I want to do a bit more organizing of my fabrics. If you are like me, you can always find something else to organize a bit better. My studio is a work in progress. It probably always will be as I work through my current stash and make changes in streamlining the way I work. I like to see how other people decorate and organize their studios. I sometimes pick up good ideas that others have found inventive ways to do things. What are some of your favorite studio organizing tips?

Mermaid Fabric Book Doll

Close-up of the Mermaid Fabric Book I created in 2006.I thought I would take some photos of this sewing project from the past. I will be writing up a pattern with instructions for this Mermaid Fabric Book. Just wanted to share some of the images here on my blog. This was my entry in a round-robin type doll swap I participated in three years ago in 2006.

The mini-book gave each participating artist an opportunity to sign their name and write a short message.Someone mentioned to me awhile ago that I should write up the pattern instructions for this doll/fabric book. They thought others might be interested in making up their own Mermaid Fabric Book. I plan on using it in a zine swap I am currently participating in. Alma Stoller's "I Heart Zines" swap is ending this week with the due date this weekend. I'm hoping to include these instructions as part of my zine for the swap. That is if I can get them typed up and printed to include in the book before I drop my zines off in the mail.

I made the zippered pouch as my page to hold the little mini-book.I couldn't fall asleep yet tonight when I tried earlier. So I decided to get up and take the photos tonight early this morning. It's about 1:40 am and I'm starting to get sleepy now. Will head off to bed shortly, just as soon as I'm done posting here.

My Mermaid Fabric Book doll holds the book closed with her hands.The book is held closed by the mermaid's hands. Each hand and finger is created with wired armature so they are pliable and able to be posed. This feature allows the fingers to be bent to allow her to clasp onto her tail and thus hold the fabric book closed.

This was a fun book/doll to make. When I sent it off for the swap, I had completed the front and back covers (that made up the doll's body). And I created one page (the zippered pouch that holds the signature mini-book). Each artist who participated in the swap was to add their own page then send it on to the next person. Everyone had the freedom to do whatever they wanted to add for their page. When she arrived back home it was fun to see what everyone added.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall Leaves and Sewing Studio Progress

More leaves will fall from these trees that line our street.We worked in the front yard to rake leaves this past weekend. We bagged up eight of those black super-large size yard & garden trash bags. They were jammed full of leaves. Periodically as we were bagging, my hubby would step into the bag to crush the leaves and compact them so more leaves would fit inside them. He also raked the back yard, but those leaves are still there in a pile. We knew there would be more to rake and clear out. There always are several rakings every year before it is over. But we wanted to get started to get a handle on it before it rained or snowed more. That just makes them harder to deal with.

A view from the front window.Looking at the trees above, I'd guess there are another 6-8 bags (or more?) up there that have not fallen yet. We'll be raking again later this week. And unless we get a really good wind that blows them all away, we'll probably be raking next week also. I don't mind, as long as the weather stays as nice and fall-ish as it has been lately. Some years we would have already had snow by now. We have been enjoying the pleasant sunny days lately, so no complaints here with leaves or anything else. The sun can make a huge difference in one's outlook.

As far as my progress in the Sewing Studio, I got the basics in place for my re-arrangement of the room. I'm not entirely sure if things will stay this way. I'm feeling a bit displaced since things are not in their usual spots. I'll give it a few weeks to see if the flow is working better . . .if not, I'll have to give the arrangement of this room more consideration. One thing I'm coming to grips with is just how much 'stuff' I have in that room. I know I need to pare down on some of this 'stuff' but that will have to take place over time. Right now I'm more interested in getting to work on some holiday sewing projects.

I have several projects already in progress. Plus there are more ideas percolating in my head. I am interested in getting started with them. I also uploaded a few pages for my website. It is not quite ready to advertise yet as I need to get the content pages finished. I'll post the link to the website soon. I need to tweak it further. I'm also working on digitizing a logo for someone. This will be used on some garments and is intended for a Christmas gift. I've started on it, but need to get that completed and test sewn so I can embroider it on the garments. I've got to have plenty of time to get it back to the customer in time for the holiday.

Friday, November 6, 2009

five inch charm squares for give-away . . . take a guess at how many are in this pile.Just a reminder of the 5" charm square quilt block give-away I have open right now . . . Enter a comment to add your name to the drawing.

I did some sewing with my friend today. I worked on sewing some tumbler blocks together. I will be cutting out more blocks to add to what I already have on hand. I need to go through my stash and select a few more fabrics to round out the colors I've coordinated together so far. These fabric combinations look good right now. So far so good. Onward to more blocks . . .

I've been thinking more and more about doing some re-arranging around here with the layout of furniture in several rooms of our home. I've got changes in mind. Yes, change is on the way . . . as it always is . . . you can't stop change. But I can control the layout of furniture in my home environment. I'll update with photos in a future session.

Change can be good . . . I'll see how I feel about things in a short time. . . I can always change back . . . right???

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Busy Re-Arranging Studio

Sewing studio pressing table accessories.I was busy almost the entire day doing to re-arranging and organizing my Sewing Studio. I've nearly got it complete, but some fine-tuning left for tomorrow. I'll see how well this new configuration works over the next few weeks.

Needless to say I'm a little tired out tonight. I should sleep like a baby. So . . . on to beddie bye.