Sunday, October 18, 2009

Neighborhood Wildlife

A rabbit in our backyard nestles close to the shed. Can you see it?We've got a rabbit that comes to visit in our backyard. I usually see rabbits every year in both the winter and the summer. Actually they can be seen throughout the year around our neighborhood. Can you see it nestled up against the shed doors?

I spotted it when I was calling the dogs to come inside. As they were coming in, it was meandering around. The dogs seemed totally oblivious to it. I could have made a better photo of it if I had ahold of the camera just a bit earlier when it was wandering around, when it was spending more time in the sun.

Here's a close-up of the rabbit in the previous photo. Enlarged greatly, it gets pretty grainy.I zoomed in on the bunny here from the previous photo. I know, the more I increase the size, the more grainy and pixellated the image becomes. But, here's a closer look. And I think this would be classified as a bunny because of the shorter ears? don't rabbits have longer ears? Just wondering. I don't remember what all the differences are between rabbits and bunnies. This is the type you often see here in North Dakota and other western states made up through taxidermy as jackalopes. Whoa! Perhaps this one is a female jackaloupe - a hornless one. Isn't it just the males that have horns? LOL! Anyway . . . the dogs seemed less than unimpressed with its presence. Even when I had the backdoor open trying to get a picture and Ginger (our great hunting dog) hanging her head out the door with me . . . no response from her. She could have cared less. Oh well.

I have to say the day is absolutely beautiful. We've got sunny, SUNNY weather. What a refreshing turn-around from the rainy, cool, cloudy days we've had lately. The high today is supposed to be around 50 degrees. It feels great out there.

Later (approx. 10:20 pm) -- I need to amend my blog. I have to tell you it got to 80 degrees today!!! How great was that!?! But the weather report is talking about that four letter 'S' word coming up. It will be colder tomorrow.

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