Monday, October 5, 2009

Apple Zucchini Pie - A Taste of Autumn

We were blessed with a bag of apples from friends of ours in Minot recently. These came from a tree in their front yard. I also received this huge zucchini from my sewing friend along with her recipe for Apple-Zucchin Pie. She gave me a slice one day during a break from our sewing. It was so yummy. I readily agreed I had to have the recipe so I could make some for my family. Thankfully she sent me home with the zucchini also since we didn't grow any this year. That's definitely going in the garden next year.

Don't these apples look scrumptious displayed on my new kitchen towels? I picked up a couple sets of these towels at our local Pier One Imports store here in Bismarck when they went on sale a while ago. I just love this green color. The apples are really great, too. I'm not sure about the variety, but they are those crisp, tart apples for baking. Just the right amount of zing in them offset by the sugar in the pie - not too tart, not too sweet.

We invited our son, Josh, and his new wife, Samantha, over for supper on Saturday. After a tasty roast beef, potatoes and gravy, veggies and buns we topped it all off with a slice of apple-zucchini pie with whipped topping. We all ate so good we couldn't even finish off our pies. I was hoping they would want to take some pie home with them (I made three pies) but they didn't. Hubby says he'll take the rest in to work with him tomorrow. Says they'll be gone before you know it over there. I thought he might have done that when he left this morning, but when I got up and checked they were still on the kitchen counter.

That was just as well that they were still here. My friend came over for sewing today so we had some pie this afternoon while we chatted. It really has to go to someone tomorrow. If hubby doesn't take it to work in the morning, I'll see if I can take it to some other friends. Pie is such a great dessert, but we don't need to gobble up three of them. Three pies are for sharing. Who wants a slice?

Notice those quilt blocks for my leaf quilt the pie is sitting upon? I've finally got all 56 leaves embroidered and pieced. If you want to read more about my progress on this quilt you can click here and read the posts starting from August 25th on through September and October. This quilt is turning out to be gorgeous with all the fall colors.

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