Wednesday, October 28, 2009

5" Charm Squares Give-away

Got some big piles of five inch quilt squares already pre-cut and ready to sew.I've got a big pile of 5" blocks ready and waiting to be sewn together into quilts. Some of these were already pre-cut prior to getting my Accu-quilt cutter. But I managed to add quite a lot more blocks to the pile a lot faster once I got the cutter.

The tumbler blocks were all cut with my Accu-quilt cutter. I don't have enough coordinating colors cut of those yet to create a quilt. Still working on this. I started just with cutting from a large pile of scraps and managed to work my way through the bulk of that. Now to select some coordinating fabrics from the stash to round out the number of tumblers needed.

When I went to sew with a friend earlier this week I brought the 5" blocks along to sort them by color. I've coordinated some blocks together for a future quilt. But I need to lay them all out again to color coordinate the rest of them. Then I need to sit down and figure out how many blocks it will take to make them into a quilt. I'll do some figuring - and math (see you do use it after high school!) - a little later to help decide if I have enough color coordinated blocks to finish into a quilt. Then once I figure out how many blocks to create a quilt I can tell how many quilts I have sitting here in this pile.

My embroidered tree blocks are finished. Now to sew them together.The other project I brought along to our sewing get-together was the second version of the leaf quilt. This version has trees embroidered on half of the blocks instead of leaves. When I got home I worked on more of these blocks. Last night I stayed up to sew and finished the rest of the blocks for this second quilt. Half the blocks are embroidered and half are not. And still I have lots and lots of the logs left over. Does that mean another of these quilts? Perhaps.

There are a lot of five inch quilt squares here to sort through. This is my start at color coordinating them - some of the more old fashioned ones.When I was at my friend's house I laid all these squares out on the table to match like squares together. It helped to see them all laid out when it came to matching up a grouping that went together. That's what I'll need to do again to see the colors better.

Measuring my big pile of pre-cut five inch quilt squares - nearly 16 inches high.Can you guess how many squares are in this huge stack? It measures to approximately 15.5 inches high. Take a guess. Submit your guess as a comment below. Whoever has the correct number - or the number closest without going over - will win a bundle of 5" charm squares in their choice of color (reds, blues, greens, whites, yellows, etc.) Submit your response before Nov. 14th. I'll announce one winner on the 15th. (I'll take a little time tonight to count this stack and keep the answer hidden away in a hermetically sealed envelope.) LOL! Just kidding. It won't be 'hermetically sealed' - an old Johnny Carson reference. Anyone remember that? Never mind . . . I'll just keep it a secret till the 15th. Okay, take a guess and make a comment.

My big stack of pre-cut five inch quilt squares - bird's eye view looking down from the top.And here's a bird's eye view of the stack of 5" charm squares. I just love looking at all those colors. They are my own little 'quilt rainbow' spread out on my cutting table. Okay, off I go. Time to count the squares. Good luck guessing!

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