Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jackets and Flu Shots

A honeymoon celebration commemoration in the form of his and hers jackets.The kids Josh & Samantha wanted something to commemorate their honeymoon after the wedding. They asked me to embroider their jackets with information about their honeymoon. So this was my project for the afternoon. I designed it with my Husqvarna Viking 4D Professional embroidery software program. Once I got their approval on the embroidery design I embroidered the jackets on my Creative Vision. Since it was just the lettering the embroideries went pretty quickly.

A view of my patriotic bandaid after getting my flu shot.My hubby and I got our flu shots today. Mine didn't hurt. In fact I could hardly feel it at all. I commented to my hubby that for all we knew he could have got the real thing (since he said he could feel it) and I could have got a placebo. Later though I could feel just a bit of a twinge there in my arm. We got patriotic bandages with images of the US flag on them. Mine is still there - on my arm - protecting me as I type. Okay, enough of the goofyness and jesting. On to more really, truly important things . . . like sewing!

I'm planning to do more sewing tonight after I'm finished posting here, checking my email and other miscellaneous stuff like that. I want to do some playing around with couching threads and yarns so will be heading down to my sewing studio shortly.

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