Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Drawing on the Past

A pen & ink pointilism drawing I made from a photograph.I found one of my uncles on facebook recently. He asked if I was still doing artwork and mentioned he still had a drawing I gave to him when I was young. I'm waiting to see a scan of that drawing to help me remember it. Meanwhile I thought I'd rummage through the artist's portfolio satchel I've kept over all these years. It contains drawings and artwork from my early years when I used to spend more time sketching, drawing and painting. Now days my artistic outlet is mostly sewing related. It has been fun to reminisce and look through these early works.

This pen & ink drawing is in the pointillism style. It is created through drawing the image with dots of ink. I used a Rapidograph pen to create it over many hours and days of work. I normally start off this type of drawing with a lightly penciled in drawing. As I pen enough dots to define the basic image I then erase the pencil marks. The remainder of the pen & ink drawing continues to be made by adding more and more dots of ink to compose the image. Dots are placed more frequently and closer together to create the darker areas, less dots for the lighter areas. You keep adding dots to create the detail, step back to take a better look from a distance to see where more detail is required, then keep adding more dots till you call it done. Obviously they take a while to create. I can remember being so absorbed making dots to create the image - in the zone - and before you know it your hand is so sore from holding the pen and several hours have gone by. I usually had classic rock (and sometimes southern rock) blaring away on my stereo at the time. Aah, the life of an artist. I loved it!

A postcard design presenting our 'staycation' in North Dakota that summer.I have to say I don't actually remember drawing this little egg guy. I believe I used it as an image for postcards? It's about that size, slightly larger. It could have been for a North Dakota postcard competition? I do remember being involved in decorative painting at this time. I made and painted all kinds of little wooden egg dolls with jointed arms and legs that moved. I made lots of these and sold them at arts and craft fairs when the kids were little. I spent many nights painting away on wood projects after the kids went to bed. The house was always more quiet then so I could get in the zone and concentrate on my painting. I'll have to see if I still have any of those little egg guys hanging around here. They were pretty cute.

I created this flyer for a Children's Christmas party.When my husband was stationed in Germany the kids and I were fortunate enough to be able to go overseas with him. He came home one day to say they needed someone to make up a flyer to advertise a kid's Christmas party for the squadron . . . and he had told them I was an artist and good at drawing. This is what I came up with. Notice the jagged lettering. Way back in the day when we had dot matrix printers. Boy did we think we were cutting edge with our own home computer at the time. I can tell you they've come a long way with graphics programs since then.

Artwork I drew for a Christmas Party flyer.Here's a closer view of the drawing. Again this was created with a very lightly drawn pencil sketch first. Then start inking the image and erase the pencil lines as soon as you have enough of the drawing to tell where you're headed with it. I can remember testing several different brands of ink. Some would smear when you went to erase the pencil lines. I usually liked to make as few pencil lines as possible to I didn't ruin it when erasing lines and have to begin again. Here again, we've got better inks and tools to use now compared to then. Actually more art is created right on the computer these days than hand drawn. I don't have an illustrator program yet, but have always wanted one. Guess I'm still 'old school' with that. LOL!

I made this pen & ink drawing for a friend. She used it for their wedding announcement.I did this drawing when a friend at our church asked me to make up a drawing to use for their wedding announcement. She was a teacher, thus the little old-fashioned school house in the background. He was a farmer, grew wheat and had cows, and liked to go hunting. I sketched out the idea in pencil, got her approval on my idea, then created the drawing. I added in the roses with the wheat because I was still doing decorative painting at this time. The roses are reminiscent of the rosemaling style I loved so much at the time.

Closer view of wheat farmer in my Farmer Couple Wedding drawing.Following are more close-up views of the Farmer Couple drawing. If you click onto the images you will be able to see them larger to see detail better.

Closer view of the teacher/farmer with milk cow in the Farmer Couple Wedding drawing.It has been awhile since I have taken the time to sit down and draw any pictures. I have had some ideas I want to explore for a website I am creating. Things seem to go slow. Sometimes I wish I could move faster on these things. I seem to get easily sidetracked with lots of other interests. Most of my time is spent doing stuff around the house, on the computer, sewing, cooking, baking, etc. The days are never long enough. Oh well.

Closer view of the teacher/farmer in the Farmer Couple Wedding drawing.I assembled together some materials this summer for working again with pen & ink, colored pencils (for color obviously) and various types of drawing papers, tracing paper, pens, rulers, curves and other drawing tools. I have yet to sit down and draw anything recently though. I'm thinking about it. That's where it begins. Nothing happens without a thought toward it first. As with anything else in the material world . . . it begins in the mind with a thought then gets transformed into reality in the physical world. So . . . I'm thinking about it. Smile :)


  1. Quite the contrast with the big, burly cowboy tenderly holding a little kitten. You're very talented and I've really enjoyed looking at your drawings and hearing about the different techniques you used. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the pointillism picture - I wanted to try it in my oil painting but am obsessed with cross stitch and quilting now :) It will have to wait a bit.

  3. Doreen ~ Thank you for the free motion machine quilting suggestions. I have been using a quilting needle but haven't tried a 70 sharp. I'm sure I'll become more comfortable as I practice and more confident in my troubleshooting as I progress. Thanks again!


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