Monday, September 28, 2009

Dishing Up Some Goodies in the Kitchen

I spent some time today cooking in the kitchen. It was the perfect day for cooking and baking since the temperature was so nice and cool. It felt just like the air-conditioner had been turned on all day and we didn't need to run it at all. Along with the cool air we got lots of wind and a bit of rain. So . . . it was the perfect day to stay indoors and do some baking and cooking.

We had all the fixings to make eggrolls. As soon as my hubby heard this info he was so gung-ho to have me get started on this. When the boys were growing up at home I could make a double batch of eggrolls and between the three guys in the house they didn't last very long. Now that it's just the two of us here at home one would think they'd last a while longer. We'll see. My hubby is talking about taking them as snacks to eat on his break-time at work, having some for breakfast, lunch and supper. I asked him if he wouldn't be tired of them that many meals in a row. The response was, "Of course not!" We'll see how long that opinion lasts. I stuck nearly half of them in the freezer just in case he's had his fill by tomorrow.

They're packaged in sandwich size zippy bags so they're quick to grab and pop in the microwave for a snack. I love them with sweet and sour sauce. Two makes a nice size meal for me. I know hubby munched on more than that.

The other baking project I worked on today was chocolate chip cookies after I was done with the eggrolls. I'd been craving cookies for several days but it seemed too warm to have the oven heating up the kitchen. This was exactly the kind of day to make them. I doubled the batch and put up lots of zippy bags filled with cookies into the freezer. I'll move some of them down stairs to the deep freeze in a day or two when I go shopping to restock the cupboards.

The last week or so I've been working on going through the food in our cupboards to sort out and use up some of the older stuff. There have been some expiration dates showing food past its prime. I hate to have spent the money on stuff only to find I ignored it so long I had to throw it out. I went through the fridge and tossed several things this weekend that hadn't even been opened but was past the expiration date. I know there's still more stuff in the cupboards to look through on the high shelves that I have to use a chair to get to.

I ate a couple cookies while I baked the last of them. They were yummy - really hit the spot with my craving. With being in the kitchen cooking up some good smells, the dogs wanted to be my best, closest friends. Near the end of the bowl I separated out the chocolate chips from some of the cookie dough and made two cookies for each of our three dogs. I gave them each a few bites tonight and saved the rest of their cookies for them to eat tomorrow.

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  1. Yum!!!
    I can help you finish off those cookies if you want :)


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