Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crisp Fall Temps

We took the motorcycle out for a spin the other day when it was still nice and sunny. It has turned cool here in North Dakota. The leaves are falling from the trees - or rather being blown down from the trees with all the windy weather we are receiving now and for the last several days. Our motorcycle trip was fairly short since it was cool. The last ride for the year. We drove along the river and through the Fox Island boating area where all the flooding took place last spring. It was a pleasant ride. I love this time of year.

I've spent the better part of the last two days sewing, doing machine embroidery and cutting up fabric for more quilts. I'll post some pictures of my projects tomorrow when I get more photos taken. The leaf quilt I've been working on now has all its leaves embroidered. I just need to finish stitching the strips on the last blocks so I can put them together. Yeah! This quilt has been so good for using up a good chunk of my scraps. Of course there's still lots more to go. I don't seem to ever run out of scraps. That's okay, though. I absolutely adore a good scrappy quilt. Tonight I started cutting out fabric for my next quilt. This one should sew up real quick. It does not have any embroidery on it. This time it's just basic sewing and quilting. I'm looking forward to getting these quilts put on my quilting frame. It will be fun to play around with the Pfaff Grand Quilter and my Grace Next Generration quilting frame.

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  1. I love going on motorcycle rides, but you're right, it can get quite cold. Last Sunday we had the annual Oyster Run where over 20,000 bikes visit local taverns for beer and oyster shooters before ending in Anacortes. Oh, the bikes you see are so beautiful. One year we saw a restored 1930's Indian. We always have such a nice time. Unfortunately this year we were unable to participate before of our schedule, but we're hoping for next year.


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