Sunday, August 16, 2009

Walking The Dogs

We got an invite from our our son and his new wife to come to supper at their house today. They did a fish fry and cook out. Walleye was pan fried inside (very tasty, Sam) and pike and burgers were grilled outside (yummy, yummy, Josh). There were other goodies like chips and dip, corn and rice followed up with tasty dessert.

I made two Sour Cream Apple Pies to take along with us. It was my first time trying the pie recipe from Gooseberry Patch's Made From Scratch Cookbook (page 105). I was taking it out of the oven just before we drove over to their house. By the time we were finished with our main dish the pies had cooled off enough to eat but were still a bit warm. Mmmmn! Yummy. I will likely be making this recipe again. It was a fun visit with the family including both sets of parents and Sam's grandparents and one of her brothers. We didn't have an opportunity to stay long as there were things we wanted to finish before the end of the weekend. It was a fun visit.

An expansive view of the Capiol LawnWhen we got home this evening, I took the dogs out for a nice long walk. They always love to go on walks. We headed toward the capitol and made our trek down the sidewalk adjacent to this long stretch of lawn and around the neighborhood before heading home. We made lots of rest stops for Sugar who seems to get winded easily these days. She still loves to walk, though. She hasn't grown too old for that.

The clouds allowed a little sun to shine on the capitol building long enough to snap this shot.I brought the camera along during our walk thinking I might get a few good photos showing off this time of year. It was nice and cool outside with a fairly good breeze going. There were a few other pedestrians out this evening, but really only a small number - overall it was a quiet, peaceful walk on a quiet evening.

It was partly cloudy as you can see from the photo. I happened to capture this shot as the clouds moved out of the way to allow the sun to shine brightly on the scene. Just prior to this it was cloudy and overcast with lots of dark shadows. Much better with the sunlight. The dogs were patient as I snapped pictures, and Sugar got a bit of a rest to catch her breath.

Every year the flowers are planted in in such a way that the different colors spell out 'North Dakota' in front of the building.This view of the flowers out in front of the capitol is better from a distance, or even from the air. The flowers are planted so the different color varieties spell out the name 'North Dakota'. Here I managed to just get the 'N' and 'O' . . . 'no' . . . ummm. Okay, so it looks better from a distance, but a cool idea. I should try to hang around some time in the spring when they do the planting to see if they use some sort of template or something to get the arrangement just right. Wait, let me search the net to see if there's something posted on that . . . No, I didn't find that exactly, but found some better views of the flowers and a bit of info about it.

Here's OMB's page that talks about planting the 5,000 petunias that make up the name North Dakota and a better view of the words.

Here's a link that shows a 360 degree view of the flowers and lawn area.

Evidence that it will soon be fall. This is just the start of the leaves falling from the trees.A short distance from where I was standing to take the previous photo there is this group of trees. Already we are seeing some leaves falling. Autumn is on the way. Some of the leaves are changing colors and others are falling. This is the time of year I love the most, when it starts to turn cooler and we have the changing of the seasons.

I'm looking forward to fall. And I hope fall lasts for a long, long time before the snow comes.

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