Saturday, August 8, 2009

Short One About the Wedding

The wedding party.
Well the day has just spend on past. I didn't actually work on photoshopping any more of the wedding photos today. Yes, I'm easily side-tracked. I went out shopping with the newly wedded couple today. We managed to while away the hours at Hobby Lobby in the morning, get a bite of lunch together, then spent several more hours at JoAnn Fabric and window shopping at the mall. Later, after getting home, this evening the time just flashed by as well. 'Wall-E' was showing on cable. Since I never watched that show before I chose to do that instead of accomplishing anything more substantial. My dh was busy playing tennis in the Bismarck Open most of the day. He came home during the last half of 'Wall-E' and we spent the rest of the night as it finished, watching it together. Cute movie, very entertaining. I just love watching those digitally animated shows from Pixar.

Here's a look at Josh's side of the family.
But I promised to share some photos of the wedding and so I shall. These were taken at the church - some prior to the ceremony, some afterwards. The bride and groom chose not to see each other prior to the ceremony. They each were secluded in different parts of the church so their first views of each other that day were when the bride walked down the aisle.

A peek at Sam's family.
It was a very lovely ceremony. There were a lot of tender, touching moments. It was also fun to snap the photos of the wedding party and others involved right alongside their professional wedding photographer. I got quite a few nice candid shots as we all hovered around watching the proceedings.

The cute little flowergirl.It was a warm day in the church that day as evidenced by this big fan. It stands out somewhat awkwardly in this photo, but I left it in the shot rather than photoshopping it out. It tells part of the story. The flower girl was a good sport for most of the photos. I know it's hard for little ones to have the patience it takes to participate for hours at this type of event. She did an great job and was a cute highlight for the day. I know the professional photographer had more straight-on shots while I switched positions and angles taking shots from various location on either side of her and in and out the the church pews. Most were candid shots as everyone watched.

Sam laughing it up with the groomsmen.
Here's a candid shot of Sam laughing it up with these characters - the groomsmen. They were talking about doing some funny, lively action shots where she hits (or rather pretends to hit) one of the groomsmen with her boquet of flowers. I posted that shot on my facebook wall.

A Bridezilla shot of the bride going after a groomsman.
Here's another look at that shot I posted on facebook. It is a posed shot, but they were definately having fun with it and I think Sam would have actually been happy to really hit the groomsmen if it wouldn't have ruined her flowers. LOL!

Sam and her bridesmaids.
After the professional photographer finished with the photos she wanted of Sam and the bridesmaids I suggested they form a line so I could get a photo from the back with a little attitude of the girls looking over their shoulders. The idea sprang into my mind because I was thinking of the opening credits shown on the movie 'My Best Friend's Wedding' with Julia Roberts. I was trying to recall some of the shots they did there and it seemed there was one similar to this. Of course it's been awhile since I watched that show so I might be all wrong about whether it actually happened. I do like their opening song on that movie. The footage of the opening looks so vintage and fun to me.

Okay, this is just a short post since I knew so many of you were waiting to see some of the wedding photos. It's time I head off to bed now. I'll see if I can post more tomorrow.

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