Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Virtual Model

mini me via a virtual modelmeme througha virtual modelmaxi me through a virtual modelHave you ever used one of those virtual model sites to try on different garments - to go virtual shopping? I did that for awhile today. I set my model up with all my current stats, then thought I'd play around with my model at different body weights. These are pics of my favorite fall outfit - a pumpkin colored pull-over top with embroidery around the neckline, a pair of dark brown trousers and black mid-high heels. This is the closest hairstyle I could find from the choices provided. The color is more of a reddish tint than what I currently have. Too bad there were not more colors to choose from. Maybe I should go with a touch more red? I doesn't look too bad here. Hmmmn . . .

This is a great visual to see I'd definitely look better if I dropped some weight. Hmmmn . . . that's something else to put on my goal sheet. The site I used to create these images was My Virtual Model Community. There are garments to try on that allow you to see what lines look better than others and resource info to click onto if you want to shop for real. It's kind of fun. It also allows you to try on a few different hairstyles and really see how it changes the look and shape of your appearance. That's pretty cool to see what looks good before you get it cut for real, or change the color, etc.

Okay, enough playing around on the computer. We're having home-made pizza tonight and I've got to mix up the dough and start prepping my toppings. More next time . . .

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