Sunday, August 9, 2009

More About the Wedding

I worked for hours on more of the wedding photos today. There are still a lot left to open, crop and convert to .jpg for Josh and Sam. Josh was over at our house for a while today testing if the DVD I made for him would open in his computer. There are still at least 200 photos left to work on. I tried to burn a DVD with all of the original photos in the .NEF format as well as the .xmp and .jpg files from the wedding. They wouldn't all fit onto one DVD. That's a lot of photos! I will probably be sorting them so just the .jpg files go on the DVD and save the original raw photos from Ben's camera on a separate DVD.

Well anyway . . . here are some more photos for your viewing pleasure. First one up is of the guys.

Listen up guys! Receiving words of wisdom before the big event.The groom with his groomsmen -- a candid moment. Looks like the photographer is dishing out some good info there. Maybe sage words of wisdom for the young men to take to heart?

The on-lookers.Then of course there's this photo of some on-lookers. Two seasoned gentlemen who already know all about those words of wisdom? Looks like they've maybe got some inside information of their own from those expressions.

The groom with his groomsmen.Here we are again with the groomsmen. What a good looking group. Oh . . . take it easy there Michael. Deep breath. Those words of wisdom must have really touched home! (Sorry Mike, smile ;)

This photo was taken midmorning as we were getting started. I was standing several pews back and off to the side when I first started taking photos so you don't see the crispness evidenced in later shots. That's from being too far back. There's a lot of graininess to the first photos. I'm sure the professional photos of these shots will be excellent. The photographer invited me to come forward to take my photos some time after these were taken thus allowing some later shots to turn out better. But anyway, here's to candid shots worked in amongst the professional ones.

'One ring to bind them' - the ringbearer and groom.The ring bearer was a good looking boy who seemed to look so serious and filled woth concentration as he observed everything going on. This is how he looked in many of the photos I captured. I have to say he did a great job that day. I know long days of standing around with all the grown-ups probably wouldn't be listed as one of the top days on his 'what I did for fun this summer' list. I like this photo of him most of all of those on my computer since he is relaxed and smiling here.

Ringbearer so intent on watching the proceedings.Lots of concentration going on here. The ringbearer is so intent on watching everything that's happening around him.

Ringbearer beams a nice, big, gorgeous smile.Here's another good shot of our young ringbearer. Nice big, beautiful smile!

Josh and the bridesmaids.I got several shots of Josh and the bridesmaids seated on the floor like this and only two of them standing together. I would have liked to see more of the standing ones. The dresses are so pretty they show off so much better standing. I got lots of candid shots with everyone looking different directions or with odd expressions; this is one of the better ones with everyone looking forward.

Oh dear, I feel a swoon coming on!I'm taking suggestions for possible caption titles on this one. Please leave a comment below on what you think this caption should read.

Could it be, "Oooh dear, I feel a swoon coming on!"

Or maybe, "Goodness me, being the bride is such hard work, but someone's got to do it."

Okay, I'm open for suggestions in the comments section. Please post your suggested caption.

Josh and Sam dancing the night away at their wedding reception.The newly wedded couple dancing at their wedding reception. This is early in the evening (might even be the couple's first dance) while the jacket was still on. Later as they get warmed up and the evening progresses you'll notice most all the guys have shed their jackets, some even shed their vests and ties.

Siblings with attitude.Here's a shot of Aunt Sue taking a photo of Sam and her brothers - with attitude. Looks like they're well practiced and might have taken this stance before.

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