Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday as Movie Day

When my husband asked me the other day what I wanted to do with the afternoon I asked him if he was interested in seeing a movie. I've had my eye on 'Julie & Julia' since I saw the previews at the last show I saw at the movie theater. When he asked what it was about and I told him what I knew of the plot line his response was that it sounded like a movie to see with my friend. That translates to, "No I don't want to see the show." I almost decided to go by myself yesterday when he was off playing tennis in the Bismarck Open. He's been busy playing tennis so much lately and I've been kind of bored by myself photoshopping wedding pictures for hours on end. My sewing friend is away from home today, our usual Monday Sewing Day. I decided to just go see the movie on my own after lunch for the matinee.

It was a great show. I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in blogging, writing, cooking, etc. Actually anyone who just likes a good story. It's based on two true stories. First a portion of Julia Child's life and how she got started with French cooking and wrote her now famous cookbook. Second the story of Julie Powell and her year long task of blogging about 365 days to cook every one of Julia Child's recipes from the cookbook.

Here's a link to see a trailer of this movie. It's quite charming.

And I found a link to the Julie/Julia Project blog that is referenced in the movie. Sure she quit writing this blog years ago, but there it is if you're curious about it. And here's Julie Powell's current blog.

I did a quick search of photos on-line. If you want to see some still photos from the movie there are some great ones out there. This one will definitely be in my movie library when it comes out on DVD.

The rest of the day went by quickly. Got home from the movie and was only here a short while when I got a phone call from dh that the chihuahuas needed their rabies shots. So I leashed them up, put them in the car and met my hubby on his way home from work as we headed off to the vet. A quick in and out over there and we were back home. Afterwards, all three dogs and I went out for a walk. While we were heading out my son and his new wife drove up. They accompanied us on our walk. It was a warm walk. As has become typical, Sugar is slowing down considerably on her walks now. I know the warm weather didn't help her much. She was panting quite a lot. Of course if I were close to 100 doggie years old I'd be panting, too. She's a trooper. With lots of stops for rest to catch her breath she made it around several blocks of the neighborhood.

It was a good day today -- I got to see a fun movie, had a nice walk around with the dogs and a short visit with the kids while doing so. We did breakfast for supper - bacon , eggs and pancakes - had a bit of a nap in the late afternoon to rid myself of a caffeine headache (too much iced tea) and then had a great visit by phone with my folks. I don't do that much; it was good to hear there voices.

I think tomorrow I will go snap a photo of the movie theater poster for this film so I have a better photo for this blog entry. It's always good to have a photo . . . much more attractive to the eye. There, a new photo has been added: taken at the Grand Theatre in Bismarck on a hot, bright sunny day -- thus all the reflections. But at least now I'm not 'borrowing' a photo I lifted from a website. (Naughty, naughty, that is) Now it's my own photo, taken by me, no matter how bad it is. Perhaps I'll try for a better one later one evening when there's not so many reflections to contend with.

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