Sunday, August 30, 2009

Improvisational Quilts

My scrappy quilt has a newly titled category: The Improv Quilt.I didn't realize it, but there's a name for it - The Improvisational Quilt. I've done this type of quilting for years without knowing it was a style of quilting. I always looked upon it as Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - scrap quilts. Here's a few more links to my crumb quilting and scrappy quilting. A way to make-do with what is on hand. The Ah-Ha moment clicked when I was visiting this blog: Tallgrass Prairie Studio. I followed Jacquie's links to her Improv Flicker Group and low and behold, the type of quilts I've made for a long time. Cool. I just had to check if this blogger was from 'my neck of the woods' with a name that includes 'tall grass' and 'prairie' in the title. Alas, not from North Dakota, but from Kansas. A bit of a distance from here. Man, these central plains prairies go on for miles. It's a great blog, go check her out, and the flicker pages, too. While you're there, be sure to read her blog Stupid Is As Stupid Does. It's funny - and a great writing style. We all do this kind of thing from time-to-time so I can really relate.

Just wanted to share. Now . . .

Cheerio . . . off to sew!

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  1. Doreen,
    Thanks for visiting and linking to're never going to believe this, but i'm a north dakota girl...born in Cavalier and lived in Fargo for years. So glad you found me and helped me find you!!!
    Take care,


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