Friday, August 28, 2009

Cutecase Giveaway and Fat Quarter Drawing

A 'cutecase' giveaway at twiddletails blogHey everyone, I just thought I'd pop in for a few moments while I'm surfing the net to let you know about a 'cutecase' giveaway. That's my name for this little suitcase that opens to store all your art goodies, or fishing goodies, or make-up goodies, etc. I'm hoping I'm the winner of this little beauty, but one never knows. Go over there to the Twiddletails blog and leave a comment for your entry to the contest. If you win through seeing it on this blog, let me know . . . I'll throw in an extra prize of three fat quarters from my stash if you won because you read it here from me AND if you post my link to your own blog. What comes around goes around, eh? (Let me know if you won so I can celebrate with you!!)And if you don't win the 'cutecase', but list my blog link on your blog, I'll give away three fat quarters in a random drawing for someone who mentions my blog on their blog. List your link then comment back to let me know you did so. And thanks! I love sharing links and finding great new sites.

Cheerio . . . off to sew!

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