Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another Give-away and a Ride

Cart Before The Horse Doll GiveAwayI happened upon a website today where a talented doll artist is offering a giveaway. The painting on these dolls is beautiful so thought I'd share the link. The prizes consist of a doll like this or your choice of five quilt patterns. I'd choose the doll, they are quite unique. Check out the Cart Before The Horse website for info.

It has been quite some time since I created one of my cloth dolls. Seeing these pictures makes me want to sew up a doll and start painting. With all the moving around of things in my sewing studio I'd have to do a bit of looking to remember just exactly where I moved my doll patterns. I have an idea . . . just have to check if I'm right.

I ran across a few dolls that I had already sewn and stuffed, then abandoned them to work on other projects. Perhaps this would be a good time to retrieve those unfinished dolls and get to painting. It would be fun to get those completed and get in some practice painting while doing it. Who knows? I might have lost my touch and need to get in some more practice to renew my painting skills. Hopefully it's like getting back on a bike . . . it'll probably all come back to me once I start in on it again.

Speaking about getting back on a bike . . . my dh and I went on a nice, long motorcycle ride this afternoon. We headed east out of Bismarck through Menoken and Sterling. Then at Sterling we headed south. After a bit more riding we circled back west and came back to Bismarck via the Lewis & Clark trail (ND Hwy 1804) past the University of Mary and the Airport. It was a great ride - kind of tired me out actually. We got lots of sun . . . and wind. Later when we got back home it was burgers on the grill and chips to go along with them. We've both been kicking back, relaxing, ever since. Aaah . . . what a great summer day.

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